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    I love friendship bracelets!

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    Is there a military discount available?

    Actually I really like the horseshoe shackle and slide release buckles your using. I've seen these para-cord bracelets around but never with such cool closures.

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    I think those are cool. mabey I'll get a watch band next time these pieces of crap keep breaking for my gshock.
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    i heard bear grylls had one of these on at the time of his fall. only thing that saved his life.

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    I want one!

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    My brother-in-law and I can make them.
    I am having a problem finding alot of colors here local but right now we have an army green paracord we can do. We also have a black with green 550# cord or dark green 550# cord. the last two aren't paracord. If you would like a different color just let me know I am sure we can find it. It will just take longer to get to you.

    We found a few different clasps. I will get some pictures and post them up so you can see before you buy. If anyone on bogley wants one I will sell them for $15 shipped.

    PM me if you are interested. Thanks for reading my spam!
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    Kindof forgot I was going to put up pics. So here is what we has been made so far. 3 different kind of buckles. Clip, U shackle, and s-biner. The pics show the colors. The longer the cord the fatter the bracelet. The really flat bracelets are like 6 fairly short pieces. the really fat black/green one is about 30ft of continuous cord.

    We sell the bracelets for $20. We also make belts. Depending on how long you need it it will be about $45. We only do the flat one for the belts but if you really want a round one we can talk.

    If you would like one and are going to be at the Bogleyfest in Zion in June I will give you the awesome person discount of $5.

    The ones we currently have

    Green and dark green flat style

    light green flat

    Light green round

    black and green round

    two colors of round style

    how they lay on the arm

    fat roundy on my arm

    sbiner clasp

    u shackle (my favorite look, but it takes a bit to learn how to get it on by yourself.)

    buckle (easiest to get on)
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    What a nice idea for a friendship bracelet! My childhood friend gave me a bracelet similar to those in the pictures. The only difference is that the bracelet he had given me has a heart charm and it is made out of different type of yarn.
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    We don't really make them as friendship bracelets. But if you want to buy one for a friend and call it that I wouldn't mind! The purpose of the ones we make is so that you can use them if you need to. The bracelets can be undone and then the paracord can be used in an emergency. I have used it to replace a broken shoe lace. I wouldn't recommend using them for supporting a persons weight because the cord is subject to soaps and uv rays that might weaken it. The cord brand new is rated for 550 lb.

    The fatter bracelets have more cord in them than the flat weave style bracelets.

    And I am still selling these. And we definitely give a military discount Don! PM me and I can get one to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by britney91 View Post
    That was a friendship bracelet, right? My childhood friend gave me a bracelet like that. The only difference is that the bracelet he has gave me has a heart charm. I don't know what the real meaning of it but I actually like the bracelet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Udink View Post
    Ahhh.. I was actually so curious as to why someone would register and dig up a year old post. weird.
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    Got Mine! Did not get the pleasure of using in during my last trip to Zion. I love it though! $20 is a great price!

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