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Thread: TR: Onyx Cave

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    TR: Onyx Cave

    The weather wasn

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    Sounds like fun! I haven't been down in the lower section. Glad you guys checked it out.

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    Sounds like fun. It's a lot of exercise to get up there, but worth it. I haven't been farther than about 10' down the bottom end. I kicked a bat down there then decided I didn't want to chimney for hours. But nice work on getting all the way down there.

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    Glad it worked out. I was tempted to invite myself as I live in AF but after seeing the weather I decided to to sleep in vs climbing up there in a blizzard. Sounds like you had a great time.

    Do you keep track how long it took to explore upper and lower section in total???

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    I live right behind this cave and i have been up there plenty of times. I havent gone down the lower section. does anyone know a specific time going down and if it opens up ever

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