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Thread: New purchase!

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    New purchase!

    Bought a bike off KSL last week. I love it. Got my MC permit on monday and have been riding to work since Tuesday. I can't get enough of it.

    These are the pics from the ad. I will try to get some posted later.

    Edit: it's a 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 750 with Vance and Hines exhaust.
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    Congrats!! Welcome to the family. Perhaps an Iron Butt is in your future (or not):

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    That would be awesome! and only $100 bucks in gas. I remember reading yours a while back. Sounds fun.
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    Congrats on getting a new scoot man! take it easy!

    Two wheels are better than four, keep the rubber side down.

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    Thanks. I am a super noob when it comes to motorcycles. My dad has tried to give lots of advice but is there somewhere to get tips on riding and techniques, etc.?
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    Take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course... and buy some good protective gear. Dress for the wreck... not the ride! As a rider of 40 years I can attest that it is not if... but when.

    The MSF course gives you 8 hours of classroom time and another 8 on the bikes. Passing the course gives you a certificate to waive the practical test at the DMV - just pass the written and you get your license.... the course instructors will make sure you are profficient or they won't pass you. I have had 2 of my sons go this route and are thankful they did (I wouldn't let them get their licenses without it!) They offer it on a continual basis through the adult education program at Murray High.

    Do us all a favor and learn how to ride right... and do it safely!!


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    Listen to double moo, I work at the hospital and there have been a lot of people buying motorcycles and scooters this summer to save money on gas and end up dead, brain dead, paralyzed, etc... I think the Shock Trauma unit is nearing 20% of their beds taken up by motorcycle accidents... that is HUGE! Be careful and have fun.

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    thanks for the tips. I was already planning on the MSC. Thanks for the link. I wear a helmet, jacket, gloves, all the time and jeans most of the time. Now that I am taking it on the freeway I will probably wear jeans and change at work.
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