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Thread: climbing photography

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    climbing photography

    I am a climber and I love photography although I must confess that my expertise in the subject is limited to that information that I needed to pass my highschool photography class. I would like any input I can get on learning to shoot rock climbing. I have a basic Nikon SLR the N80 and a couple of lenses like a 100-300mm. What filters, lenses, etc. are most effective? REally any advice would be helpful.
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    hey strieby,

    i'm no climber, but do love photography. best thing to do is to shoot shoot shoot. that is the only way you will learn to shoot anything. there are some good starting point tips. golden corners, rule of thirds, virtual lines, stuff that breaks down composition into neat littel packages to help get you going and familiar w/ "the rules". google "photo tips" or something like that and see what you get. i saw this one - someplace to start maybe.

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    Go digital. Forget filters. Shoot peoples faces. Get comfortable on stilts. And shoot alot.

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    Hi goofball, thanks for sharing these photography tips I've also come across these tips which goes into a bit more depth and has some interesting things about converging lines and adding foreground interest which can help making your photos look more interesting.

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