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Thread: The Narrows

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    The Narrows

    Of all the outdoor activities that I have participated in over the years, backpacking is my favorite outdoor experience. I'd say that canyoneering is my second. Someday I hope to do an multi day canyoneering trip. Someday...

    Last year we overnighted in the Narrows and loved the experience. As I exited the canyon and waited for the shuttle to the Visitor's Center, I was already looking forward to our next trip through the Narrows.

    Of course there was little doubt that we would do the trip again this year, and we did. It was a great trip! What made the trip all the more special was that both my kids were able to join me for the adventure.

    Most everyone here on this forum has a good idea of the amount of preparation that goes into preparing for a trip such as this and the things that can go wrong.

    There was six of us in the group. Three of us were traveling together from SoCal and three from Arizona with a total of three cars. Plans were made to do Echo Canyon on Friday, and the Narrows on Saturday and exit on Sunday. Because of the conditions in Echo, we decided to ditch the canyon. The five of us spent the afternoon socializing and waiting for Saturday morning. I got to learn all about my new laptop and how to make videos. When reservations were made, we were unable to all stay in the same facility. We parted ways on Friday evening after a wonderful meal at the Pizza & Noodle not knowing when or if the sixth would arrive into Springdale. One cell phone was dead with no charger, and cell service was very poor for the remaining phones. The kids were on their own in preparing and packing for this trip.

    After last year's saga of retrieving the car at Chamberlin's Ranch, we decided to take the 6:30am shuttle from ZAC this year. We all agreed that we would meet at ZAC no later than 5:50am. Saturday morning arrives and all is well. My group of 3 (the adults) are up on time. Everything is loaded into the 4-Runner. We check out of the rooms and pile into the vehicle with 10 minutes to spare to get to ZAC on time. Turn the key - nothing! The car is dead. Cell phones are unpacked from the buried bags and calls are made to the kids. No ringing, the calls go straight to voicemail. Damn...their phones are off and packed. Now what to we do? Ideas and words are exchanged as time quickly ticks it's way to shuttle time.

    This is where you really hope the kids will get it right. They did! "Mom - where are you guys?" "Car is dead - come get us now!" Two little cars come flying into the parking lot, gear is tossed in and people are piled on top of each other and we all make it to ZAC on time. Yeah!

    Our shuttle driver was great! The big horn sheep where out and close to the road as we passed by the parking area before Key Hole. We were all engaged in interesting conversation and all of a sudden there was this smell. We had just passed the Orderville turnoff and the kid in the back threw up. The driver stops and the kid got out and finished being sick. Poor little guy. He looked so pale and embarrassed. The kid sat in the front of the van for the rest of the trip to Chamberlin, but the smell stayed in the back with the rest of us.

    Once the shuttle arrived at Chamberlin's Ranch, the groups quickly dispersed. We took the traditional photos at the trailhead sign and we were off down the trail. We had the place to ourselves. Thereafter, only occasionally did we see people on the trail.

    We had a wonderful trip through the Narrows. The water was higher this year, and warmer than last year. Campsite 9 was our home for the evening and we exited the Narrows mid-afternoon on Sunday.

    Greeting us at the end of a wonderful weekend was the dead car. For whatever reason, the car started right up so we drove straight home without shutting the engine off.

    Later we learned that the battery had gone bad. The battery has been fixed - good thing, because we are taking the same car back to Zion this weekend.

    So except for some transportation issues, the trip went off without a hitch. The kids did great. No one forgot anything and we all had a great time.

    Here are some pictures:
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    looks like an awesome trip. It sucks when cars don't work, but they sure make life convenient! Glad you made the shuttle.
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    Nice photos and TR. I love that big spring. Nice clear water that won't plug the filter. I must admit I have never "hiked the Narrows" although I have dropped into the narrows from one canyon or another including coming in at the campsites. The longest overnighter I did that ended in the narrows was the full Kolob. That was a fun trip and one that if you like the back packing and canyoneering you ought to consider. Nice job.
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    Thanks guys! It was very nerve wrecking thinking that we may miss the shuttle....I would have made everyone drive. I was not missing this trip.

    Scott, you have got to do the Narrows. It's a 2 day relaxing stroll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felicia
    Thanks guys! It was very nerve wrecking thinking that we may miss the shuttle....I would have made everyone drive. I was not missing this trip.

    Scott, you have got to do the Narrows. It's a 2 day relaxing stroll.

    Sounds like you had an awesome time. Thanks for the TR and lovely pictures.
    You're very lucky to have done that wonderful hike with your kids!

    I LOVE this picture Felicia!
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    Love the photos!

    A special place for special people.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Amazing balance girls!

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    I've still yet to do the narrows.

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