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Thread: Butterfield / Rose Canyons

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    Butterfield / Rose Canyons

    Since we've never been up there, my 10 year old and I decided to take a leisurely drive up to those canyons this morning.

    In advance, we did a bit of Googling and Google Earth viewing to see where the canyons ended; seemed that Butterfield emptied into Tooele.

    What we didn't read was that any of those trails were open to OHV vehicles, so we assumed we'd end up in some area that we could park and hike in.

    What we did find up Rose Canyon were a ton of horse trailers, folks unloading mountain bikes a few ATV trailers. We almost were in a head-on collision with some mutton-head lead footing it up the main street up to Rose Canyon (towing two sport quads).

    So, are these areas open to OHV or not? Based on the amount of horses and folks on bike, I would suspect not and those who were up there were probably not legal. I did note that Yellow Fork was open to street legal vehicles but the sign specifically stated no OHV/ATV.

    So, where is everyone going in their 4x4's? Butterfield? Is that same area open to OHV?

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    I've been up to the top of Butterfield Cyn. where it intersects with Middle Cyn. and seen several ATV's riding trails in that area. Problem with Butterfield is that much of the land surrounding is owned by Kennecott, so it's off limits.

    I've got some caches up Yellow Fork Cyn., but the signs posted at the trailhead show it's off limits to OHV's. Bummer, 'cause it's a nice place to enjoy recreation time.
    "All roads, all codes!"

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    Yep. Not much legal space around there to explore. I ride my motorcycle over the top every now and then, stopping on top to take a peek into the mine and enjoy the view of the valley. Of course my two bikes have plates on them.

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