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Thread: 2008 Zion Noobfest June 6-9 - See 1st post for info summary

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    Josh and I are leaving Utah valley in a few minutes. Noobfest away!
    So no internet for days!
    We would still love to have someone join us in Das Boot Saturday so if you're interested call me 8013579007 or Josh 7158926959.
    See you soon!

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    Tayna: the 7pm party time is great! Thanks for taking the lead!!!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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    Bogley BigShot
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    Just a few miles from Zion National Park
    You are welcome! See you tomorrow!

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    It's really early, I'm on limited sleep and feelinng a bit out of it but the coffee is brewing. About to hop on the wide open road! See ya'll in Zion!!

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    I'm taking off right now, and I will see you guys tomorrow morning. I can't wait!
    "My heart shall cry out for Moab..." Isaiah 15:5

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    Noobs! Enjoy the canyon(s) I'm tele skiig in the Tushar's. Gotta enjoy the snow while it is here. The slots will be around much longer. Y'all be safe and take care of each other.

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    It's Friday night at midnight. Does anyone know where the N00BS are?

    And will the Bit & Spur ever be the same?

    Still jealous...

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    nice, kev, you just hit 1000 posts

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    Thanks to everyone who came to Bogley-fest!!!!

    It was great to meet new friends and renew old friendships.

    A special thanks to those that helped with permits and to the "talent" that gave freely of their time to help the less skilled.... it was really a nice group effert.

    A big thumbs up to Rockgremlin who brought me a cold case of my favorite beer.... the rest of you could learn something from Rock.

    And thanks to Tom Jones and Canyoneering USA for donating some sweet swag for our Saturday moring raffle. Remember to support those that support us.

    Canyoneering USA

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    Can't post to every thread I've enjoyed here today. Overall, this appears to have been one honking love fest, and a lot of outdoor fun. People here in Florida have no idea what's going on out there (unless they have been). Glad you were all able to participate, thanks for sharing the pix and vid.

    Check out my photo gallery at

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