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Thread: Pedals - Platform vs Clipless

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    I've enjoyed the past 10 years with no broken ribs, thanks to the flats

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    Alrighty, since Iceax resurrected a 2 year old thread, I'll chime in. I decided to experiment with flats this summer and rode with them for 2 months. I think I gave them a fair shot. I bought some OneUp composite pedals. They were $60 so, not the best pedal out there and not the worst. A lot of guys said they ride this pedal so, I think it was a good choice for the money. I used a Pearl Izumi shoe with a fairly flat and sticky sole. Not the most ideal but, I wasn't going to spend $100+ on shoes for an experiment. In the end the PI's worked OK and were never really an issue. With flats the first thing I noticed happened while climbing. My foot was popping off the pedal at the top of the stroke, especially on a more techy climb. After thinking it through I realized that with clipless I hadn't been starting the power phase of the pedal stroke soon enough. Applying power sooner = no more foot pop off. So, I had gotten lazy with clipless. With flats I also discovered that my foot likes to be farther forward on the pedal. I thought I had my foot pretty far forward with clipless but, learned it needs to be even more forward. So, I learned some good, helpful stuff from riding flats. Mostly, that my pedal stroke had gotten lazy from years of riding clipless. Bottom line is I still like the feeling of being more connected to the pedal, particularly on the climbs. Riding flats I also learned I was using far more upstroke with clipless than I realized and I was missing that part of the pedal stroke. I also find it easier with clipless to get my foot in the right position to start pedaling, especially on a climb. Again, I gave flats a good, fair shot and I just like clipless better. I’m the type of guy who just doesn’t care what others are riding. I rarely notice what bike someone else is on, what shoes and pedals they are using or whether they are wearing spandex or baggies. I just don’t care. Ride what you want and works best for you.
    Are we there yet?

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    Pedals - Platform vs Clipless

    Iíll stick with clipless too. I like being connected to the pedals as well and not having my foot sliding around on climbs and descents.

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    If your foot is sliding around you have the wrong or you have a poor shoe and pedal combo. If your foot is not setting in the correct position on the pedal you don't have a good shoe and pedal combo.

    A good rider can easily ride flats or clips... Just sayin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe View Post
    A good rider can easily ride flats or clips... Just sayin...
    Maybe we should decide this with a race down Rush, Vertigo or Levitate? Take your pick.

    You ride with flats and Iíll ride clipless. The winner gets bragging rights. Lol

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    How about a race up canyon hollow or Clark's. Take your pick :-)

    I don't race DH anymore because crashes take way too long to heal, one day you'll be old and understand...

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