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Thread: Cell phones with the best reception in remote places

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    Cell phones with the best reception in remote places

    I know, leave the damn thing at home. Except when there is an accident or emergency. My home is rural and my current phone (Motorola Crazr) doesn't pick up the light signal very well.

    I've heard that smart phone/blackberries pick up a better signal when a weak one is present.

    Have you, in your travels, found one phone in your group to work better than another. I know that service providers play a key role, but I'm more interested in finding out which phones pick up signals better than others.

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    If you feel like spending some benjamins, you could always get one of these.

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    I use the LG VX8600 through Verizon.

    I was picking up cell signal in the Maze District of Canyonlands, while the others were not. I have been impressed with the phone, while I have owned it.

    I think you could probably find a website that actually tests the phones, providing better results.

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    I have Verison...doesnt really matter up here what phone if its not something like a 'tri phone' you wont get a signal. I live on I-friggin-80 people...and I have it timed down to the MILE where I will lose to be me sometimes

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    verizon all the way!

    my dad has the LG vx8600 and i have the LG vx8700. and with all the time i've been out in the bush i've always had service i've never had anything below 1 bar. | Canyon Conditions

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    They all suck equally in the sticks. Its wildly unpredictable.

    Get a SPOT for emergencies.
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    I used to get a signal with my cheap bottom of the line cell up on Kolob. I could make a call if stood in the right place at the cabin. My new phone is all digital and won't pick up the analog signal like the old one, so now I don't get a signal at all. Analog signals are not as clear as the digital but the do cover more area, there for, analog capable phones get a better signal than "all digital" phones in remote areas. In my experience anyway.
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    I have had several CHEAP phones some of which would not even work in my own house. Last year I got a Sanyo. I have Sprint and I now use my phone all over the place. I drive all over Western Colorado, SE Idaho SW Wyoming and Utah I seldom have problems getting a signal. I don't know if Sanyo is best but it is so much better than the cheap ones I used to use.
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