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Thread: backpacking recipes

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    backpacking recipes

    I usually use freeze dried meals, and would like to do more. The problem is, I dontl want to deal with a big mess, and would like to avoid washing lots of dishes. Anybody have a favorite meal?
    Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, as vital to our lives and water and good bread
    - Edward Abbey

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    instant oat meal
    instant coffee
    instant water

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    Google "Freezer Bag Cooking". The author is a regular over at and has some great recipes.

    My personal favorite are Pita Pocket Pizza - just put pizza making stuff in a pita and heat on a frying pan.
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    instant water
    Is this the dehydrated water?
    Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, as vital to our lives and water and good bread
    - Edward Abbey

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    I'm strictly a water boiler. My usual dinners are Ramen noodles or the Lipton Side Dish noodles with a 3 oz can of chicken thrown in. I repackege the noodles into freezer bags, boil a cup of water, add the water to the bag of noodles, add the chicken, zip loc it and wait about 6-7 min.
    Everything cooks in the bag. Eat out of the bag. No dishes, no clean up.

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    I'm a water boiler/freezer bag kinda guy too. Here's the site for the previously mentioned cookbook that also has a lot of great recipes:

    One of my regularly used recipes is ramen noodle pasta salad. This doesn't even require hot water if you plan ahead a little bit. I just add water to the bag of fixin's in the morning, and its ready to finish and eat at lunchtime (I don't get out the stove for lunch).

    Recipe: 1 pk Ramen noodle - throw away the seasoning packet.
    dehydrated broccoli
    dehydrated sweet red bell pepper

    Rehydrate these ingredients in a freezer bag. When it is ready, pour off the water, and mix in 1 packet salad dressing of your choice (I switch between ranch and Italian for variety). Enjoy with a piece of tortilla, bagel, or some other kind of bread and you have a light, tasty, simple, no clean up, backpacker fuelin' meal.

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    good idea I'll have to try it

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    Two words: Rice Noodles

    You can find some good mixes in those take out boxes, labeled Thai something or other. I put the whole mix in a freezer bag, and add a ton of freeze dried chicken for protein - good stuff.

    Other good stuff - couscous + chicken bouillon powder + freeze dried chicken + freeze dried peas (or not).

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    Hello UTJetdog
    Its nice concept and many of us can follow it if we want to.

    thanks for sharing.

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    My go-to backpacking meal is instant ramen noodles. All I have to is add hot water to it and in a few minutes, it cooked. Also, bread and sandwich spread.

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