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Thread: Tacoma Lift Kits - What would you do?

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    Tacoma Lift Kits - What would you do?

    I have a 07 Taco that I am thinking about throwing a lift on. My main concern is that I have bumper to bumper warranty that I don't want to void and that doesn't leave me a lot of options. The dealer that I purchased it from can install a Tuff Country 3 inch lift on in without voiding the warranty. I'm considering doing it, but am looking for advice on whether or not it's worth the effort and money....
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    If you're lifting, I'd go more than 3", unless you have a 4 cylinder.

    A lot of people will say they'll lift it without voiding the warranty, but you really want to double check this straight from Toyota.

    Looking at that lift kit, you could do it yourself.

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    Re: Tacoma Lift Kits - What would you do?

    Quote Originally Posted by fouristhenewone
    lift on in without voiding the warranty.
    That's pretty cool that they will work with you and they're putting it on. It's a simple lift to install.

    3" is what you want, go for it. Personally I hate the stock look, little bit of lift makes it seem beefier That add a leaf in the rear may make the ride a little rougher, like when hitting those expansion joints on the highway or those washboard dirt roads. Spend some money on upgraded shocks. I'm not really up on TC's line of shocks, but Bilsteins seem to be pretty good.


    All Pro has the Bilstein shocks for $99 each.

    Beech, if he goes more than the three, driveline angles with the IFS will start coming into play. He'll need to spend more in replacing control arms and things like that, then steering components, etc. This will give him a beefier stance without killing his wallet. And, if the dealer is going to do the install, that's great. They're doing it. Good dealer

    When I bought my 97 Grand Cherokee a few years back, I didn't like that stock look. I acquired a set of Rubicon rims and tires (Moab's with the 31" MT/R's) and put them on the ZJ. All I needed was the 2" coil spacers all the way around and all was good. It sits a bit taller than stock, but it lost its wimpy stock look For a daily driver, I'm more than happy with the 2" lift and 31" meats under it. It doesn't sound like much, but it is noticeable to other people

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    What are you looking to gain?

    If some extra height is your only concern, a spacer/AAL (as shown above) might be fine for you. However if you really intend to use it offroad, I would highly suggest a true suspension kit, ie new coils, leafs and shocks. Not only do you get the lift, you get an increased spring rate (for handling with heavier loads ie. bumpers, winches, camping gear, etc), and you get increase wheel travel, etc.

    I'm very biased (truthfully ), but I sell alot of Old Man Emu products, they are IMO hands down the best all around set up for a 2-3" lift.

    An OME equipped 2nd gen. Tacoma
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    Oh, location was 10Mile Wash, about 20 miles East and South of Green River and I-70.. more...

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