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Thread: Ruins

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    How about this ruin in Arizona?
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    old homestead in central nevada

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    How about some Mexican ruins. This is my wife and I at Chichen Itza on the Yucatan Peninsula in '08. Amazing place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summit View Post
    Does this old wooden sewer pipe count as ruins?
    (try and ignore the sensor dust)

    Nice color and image.

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    100+ year old Ferro engine block from the Michigan-Utah mine up Grizzly Gulch.

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    Old thread needs new life.

    Ruins by Jared Payne, on Flickr

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    The end of the world for some...
    The foundation of paradise for others.

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    Up on Cummings Mesa...lots of ruins up there.

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    The end of the world for some...
    The foundation of paradise for others.

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    This hogan was intact and some Navajo was using it back in 2002...this picture was taken in 2017 and it looks like he's pretty much abandon the place. This is up on Cummings Mesa. NO ONE is going up there anymore...I hiked up from West Canyon, spent the day up there and saw absolutely no sign of any even on the "trail" coming up from the east. They used to herd sheep up there...there are at least 3 reasonably intact hogans and probably half a dozen more that have collapsed...the ones that were intact have stuff from the '70s in them. One of them was being used up until 2002, but not anymore.

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    The end of the world for some...
    The foundation of paradise for others.

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    Back in 2005 I did a backpack with a couple of long time friends to a place near Dark Canyon. 6 or 7 nights...along with us were a couple of folks that were friends of friends that I didn't know. Anyway, we got a little off track and sought shelter from the sun for a break in a small overhang...just an inconspicuous, out in the middle of nowhere thing. We had to climb up about 150 to get to it. Figured we'd take a little lunch break in there, check out the map. It was maybe big enough for 5-6 people to have a seat.

    I get up there first and I see a potshard sticking out from the floor...I go to pick it up and it wouldn't budge...turns out to be a fully intact pot that was buried in sand. Been sitting there ever since whoever left it God knows how long ago. We used our hands to uncover it, take a few pictures and then I fully covered it back up and put a flat rock over the top of it. I was just there for the first time since that discovery just about a month ago...I was curious to see if it was still there as the 2 people I didn't know were fully freaking out on the find...I mean really freaking out...I suspected one of them might come back and take it home.

    It's still there, just like we left it...still had the rock on top. My fear that one of them might make there way back here to get it was probably invalid...especially since they had no real idea of where we were and finding that little alcove again would be a needle in a haystack...but I know right where it is...only about a half hour walk from where I parked my camper. Don't bother asking...I won't tell.

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    The end of the world for some...
    The foundation of paradise for others.

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    /\/\/\ this Beef Basin? Of all the places I've been in Utah over the last 35 years, I've never driven down that road...been all over the place east and west of it, though. Now that I have this camper that's on my list to visit for a week or so. I picked up a hitchhiker just outside of Escalante recently...he was doing the Hayduke Trail and just resupplied in town...wanted a lift about 10 miles east to get back on the trail.

    I asked him..."So what's been the best part so far?" He said "Ruin Canyon". I know that's near Beef Basin (I've been all over the Sweet Alice Hills but never down in the valley). He told me there were ruins everywhere as he traveled thru that area. I told him I always figured that area would be a bit dull but he insisted it's actually very nice.
    The end of the world for some...
    The foundation of paradise for others.

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    Yeah Beef Basin, quite a high number of points of interest in there actually, most not much more than wall foundations and depressions with scattered remnants. That second trip when I took these photos was all about the visible ones easier to spot along the loop. In six or seven trips through or around the basin now I know I've just scratched the surface so to speak. Ruin c. has the tallest still freestanding structure I've seen in that general area on a nice ridgetop site.

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