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Thread: Canyon Tales

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    Canyon Tales

    been working on this website for awhile and, while there is still
    much in the works, it's at a good point to share what's been prepared.

    it's a compilation of selected stories and essays primarily (though not
    exclusively) on the canyon country of the colorado plateau.

    currently there are 75 articles/tales to enjoy and there are quite a
    number still in the works.

    i have asked dave pimental to collaborate with me on it, and we are
    looking forward to continue adding to it over the long-term. at this time,
    we'd also like to invite others to submit compelling stories, trip reports,
    essays, or suggestions on pieces (e.g. old posts) to add to this compilation.

    dave (davewyo AT hotmail DOT com)
    stefan (sfolias AT math DOT utah DOT edu)

    as far as the stories go, the language in each story has been left
    unchanged, although each article has been edited for spelling,
    punctuation, and paragraph breaks in order to improve reading and consistency
    across stories. also, on occasion, quoted prelude pieces have been
    added to augment the text and provide more context for the story.

    as far as the site goes, i write the xhtml, css, & php codes from
    scratch, and it's all kept very simple for quick loading and ease of
    use. the text is in a large font for ease of reading and ease on the
    eyes (hopefully). it should also load fairly quickly on mobile
    phones too (though the fonts may be large).


    i implore you PLEASE turn *font smoothing*
    on. the text will look much better and it'll ease your eyes while
    reading. this can be done for XP (2000 is roughly the same) using the
    easy and quick instructions at this link:



    just wanted to say ...

    thanks to everyone who shares--in words--their experience, knowledge,
    and adventures into the wildlands of the colorado plateau

    please enjoy ... CANYON TALES



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    Very cool! Nice work, this will keep me busy for a while.
    The man thong is wrong.

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    Thanks Stefan, that it sweet. There goes my evening.
    Life is Good

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    thanks for the kind words, guys

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    Haven't browsed the site yet, but muchas props to you for the "clear type" link. That is so much easier on the eyes.

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    Nice job, good looking site.

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    Stop checking my spelling! I know I suck but I amn't in school anymor, so back off.

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    Canyon Tales ad. 2

    hi all,

    it's spring time and the canyons are beckoning! and we are delighted
    to bring 11 new pieces to the Canyon Tales Compilation edition 2 or,
    perhaps more appropriately, addition 2.

    the timing of the release is two-fold. first it's to coincide with the
    the first tale on the list, "It's a Dirty Devil" by Harvey Halpern --
    a story about his 17-day trip down the dirty devil river that
    occurred exactly 20 years ago this month.

    finally, in memoriam of Wallace Stegner's passing 15 years ago this
    month on April 13, 1993, we include his "Introduction" to the book
    Wilderness at the Edge. while famous for his western fiction, he
    also pushed strongly for the protection of our beloved wildlands,
    penning cogent and coherent words towards that end.

    also, since articles will be added continually to this compilation,
    we'd like to introduce a "NEW" webpage which orders the tales
    chronologically according to new "additions." so, on this page, the
    new tales will be grouped and listed at the top, whereas they will be
    intermingled on the Table of Contents page.

    also wherever you see the "new" link it takes you to the new page, and
    wherever you see the "tales" link it takes you to the Table of
    Contents (or Index, if you prefer the back of a book).

    Link to New Canyon Tales

    we hope you enjoy these new tales, and that you are inspired to write
    as you wander out into the canyons in the coming months.


    Canyon Tales

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    Quote Originally Posted by stefan
    we'd like to introduce a "NEW" webpage which orders the tales chronologically according to new "additions." so, on this page, the new tales will be grouped and listed at the top, whereas they will be intermingled on the Table of Contents page.
    I think this is one of the best options a website that is constantly adding content can have.


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    Good website. I'm really enjoying reading the stories.


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    Bogley BigShot
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    Just a few miles from Zion National Park
    Excellent Stefan!

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    Canyon Tales ad. 3

    hi all,

    i'd like to share a project i've been working on for a while now, a database of names given to the plethora of unnamed canyons on the colorado plateau, specifically those in southern utah. the intention is to preserve the origins of the canyon names, in particular, who named them and why did they name them so. in some cases there is a short set of notes, in others a link to an account or story. i do enjoy the character of the canyon that these names reflect or confer. this is a work in progress so names will continually be added to the database. if there are names that have been missed (and should be included) please pm me about them or post them here or, better yet in THIS THREAD.

    it has been a wonderful project to work on, and my sincere thanks goes out to all who contributed to it.

    Canyon Name Database

    also, it's a great honor and pleasure to introduce a new article on a selection of the descents of Dennis Turville, Mike Bogart, and partners, most of which occurred in 1977-1982. the history of these descents is quite interesting and also establishes precisely when the first bolts were placed in some of those superlative canyons in zion and the escalante.

    Descents - by Dennis Turville

    please enjoy the latest addition of Canyon Tales.

    Canyon Tales

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    hello all,

    sorry for the delay in updating the Canyon Name Database. i had hoped
    to update it sooner with kelsey's new names and cross-references
    with canyons already listed in the database. there are a few
    other names i have added to the database as well.

    the new names don't have any different appearance to identify them,
    however, i generally reference all of kelsey's names with a reference
    symbol. for example, the tiny "1" refers to canyons which first
    appeared in the 1st ed. tech guide, the tiny "2" refers to the 2nd ed.
    tech guide. see the very bottom for the meaning of the other symbols.

    also, i am starting to archive the database at times when i update it
    to keep track of how it changes and evolves. links to archive pages
    will be collected at the bottom for viewing.

    again, i would like to thank all who have kindly provided information
    for the database, and it's my hope that this website continues to be a
    useful and interesting resource for the canyon community.

    Canyon Name Database (update)

    more to come ...


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    Looks good. Looks like some interesting reading.
    The gostak distims the doshes.

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    Great to know the OTHER names for some of the canyons. I'll hopefully be doing some of the Poison Spring canyons with AJ's group in a couple of weekends. I've book marked your site for future reference. THANKS!

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    just a quick note to let you know that most urls (web addresses/links) have changed ever so slightly on Canyon Tales and will result in broken links.

    since these changes will affect links directly to specific tales that have been bookmarked or links that have been passed on via email, i have temporarily provided a redirect for the links to most (but not all) tales. this redirect will be only temporary and will be removed down the road.

    note: the changes will NOT affect links to the main (table of contents) page nor the canyon name database page.

    sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. these changes *should* remain permanent for the foreseeable future.

    Canyon Tales may always be accessed at the easy-to-remember

    thanks to everyone for reading the tales,


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