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Thread: SnowShoe Trip of West Rim, Zion

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    SnowShoe Trip of West Rim, Zion

    West Rim trail in Zion

    We headed up Thursday night. We finally reached the base of Mohoney hill after several sketchy parts of the road in 4 high. I put the ford into 4 low and we headed up the hill on what was definitely a butt puckering drive up that thing. You forget how steep it is until you're trying to go up it in the snow. That sharp little switchback right at the first turn almost did us in, but a scream of "more petro" put us through. The snow was about 12 inched deep on a base of slippery ice. We fishtailed and spun quite a bit towards the top but we were able to maintain enough momentum to get to the top. We then, very foolishly I might add, tried to go down into the Wildcat trailhead. We got stuck and after about 30 minuets of digging we got back up to the road. We spent the night right there on the side of the road.

    We headed out early Saturday morning with a temperature around 10 degrees. The snow was about 25 to 30 inches deep. Nobody had been on the trail which was pretty easy to follow but we
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    beefcake. BEEFCAKE!

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    Sweet TR! Its a bummer that you couldn't make it but atleast you got to be in Zion right? I can't believe the difference in the amount of snow, el nino? Thanks for the pics
    The man thong is wrong.

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    Here are a few more pics...
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    Hold my glasses, I'm going to jump!

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    I like to let the noobs take the lead every once in awhile so they feel important. I'm always in the back, like a cowboy I have to herd the group along. If i'm in front they all stop to watch the power as I ascend the hills or stare at me ass. I haven't figured out which one yet.

    PS. Just so there's no mistake I have an extra shirt wrapped around my waist, that's what makes that fat looking bulge.....
    beefcake. BEEFCAKE!

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    Kewl. Looks like a fun trip!

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    Looks like a blast. I'd like to do some snowshoeing next month.

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