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Thread: Snow Canyon - Above the Rim

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    Snow Canyon - Above the Rim

    Friends of ours told us about an area of Snow Canyon where they had seen some Petroglyphs. We went out with them and their puppy, KC, for a great hike.

    We started by driving North on 18 and turning left by some ranches just before the Ledges development. We went thru a hiker's gate and went left and then headed down into the maze.
    The first jaunt took us to a narrow slot that went in about 100 ft and had some good Petroglphs on the right at the end.

    We went back toward the starting area and headed little right and toward the rim of Snow Canyon. We hiked out to a large rock that's covered in Petroglyphs. From there we continued onto the rim of Snow Canyon, being able to look straight down. I would like to spend some time just scrambling around up there. Bo's fingerprints are probably everywhere!

    Heading back we followed a different route and came right to another large panel. Pretty cool stuff. I think total time was about 2 1/2 hours and home in time to see the Giants WIN!!!


    The general area looking back to the Pine Valleys:

    Going in past the tree there are Petroglyphs on the right:

    One of the "glyphs":

    One from another panel:

    Looking down into Snow Canyon:

    KC, our trusty companion:

    Quoting my best friend, Bob McNally, after a bad boating trip: "Nature scares me!"

    Utah photos:

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    nice TR Win. You must have passed us Sat. we were in Petroglyph canyon and shelf. dark silver jeep GC

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    Way cool! I've been up and down that region and there's tons more to explore. Even right up against the 8 million dollar homes and new golf course. What a great area! thanks! There's other petros in the park.
    Good luck seeing more as you discover.
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