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    girl with dogs

    Hi there, my name is Kate. I just moved to Ogden, Utah from Baltimore, Maryland. I like to go on a lot of area dayhikes and camping trips, and I'm gearing up to do some more intense backpacking trips in the west. I'm also interested in kayaking, climbing, and biking- I just don't have the contacts or the gear to participate regularly in these activities! I have three big rescue dogs- a rottweiler, pit bull, and border collie mix- they are my hiking companions and best friends. I'm thinking about moving to St.George within the year, possibly to work with an outdoor therapy program- but right now I waitress and groom dogs to pay the bills. I'm used to moving around a lot and I see no reason to plant myself in one place too long. Life is too short and too intense for me to settle quite yet (if ever).I'm only twenty, after all...

    Everywhere I go, I find reasons to stay. Everywhere I stay, I find reasons to go go go!

    So, if anyone wants a hiking partner, let me know... I'm good for conversation and always looking for new adventures. Take care!

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    Hey, welcome to the forum. Good to hear from another person in O- town.

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    Welcome to the beehive state! Wanna get stung.

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    Down boy! She

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    Yah just playin'. . .we all know that what I said is illegal in Utah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca
    Yah just playin'. . .we all know that what I said is illegal in Utah.

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    Always up for a hike, but usually go on weekdays.....
    Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, as vital to our lives and water and good bread
    - Edward Abbey

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    Hi Kate,

    I'm Dirk, its nice to see some new faces around here, you should take the puppies snowshoeing. My lab can't get enough of that.


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    Oh and Welcome to UUtah.


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    Welcome and don't listen to these guys, we are all freaks, normal people don't do all the crazy stuff that is displayed in our Picture Bar on top.

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    nope no horn dogs needed..thanks though!

    now, snowshoeing sounds like a good idea. but the cheapest ive found them for is like $250 and im too broke right now...not even really sure what kind of boots i would need to do this with. ive got the cheapo rain boots (those heavy rubber and leather clunkers) that i wear out sledding shoveling snow or whatever, and hiking boots...but thats about down for trying it though. i know its great exercise and my dogs would love it (need to get them some neoprene booties still). right now i go hiking above ogden either on wednesdays or sundays just for the day...stick to the worn trails as i am snowshoe-less. but the past two weeks ive had the no hiking for me.

    im going out to colorado springs in a couple weeks. maybe ill try and get out somewhere around there. need to get rid of the sickness...

    i like ogden. and freaks. for the record!

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    What trails in Ogden are you snowshoeing?

    Shoreline trail. I've been wanting to do some snowshoeing, I'm still recovering from knee surgery though.

    In a few weeks, let us know. There are a few of us from Ogden that would probably join up with you.

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    You would probably be interested in the snowshoe talk that they had the other day:

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    Welcome to the site. I might have to hit you up for some tips on activities in and around the Baltimore area. I am headed there in a month for a work trip, I plan on spending at least a week. If you have any must do's let me know.

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