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Thread: Rossi Youth Rifle with Interchangeable Barrel

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    Rossi Youth Rifle with Interchangeable Barrel

    Has anyone seen or used the Rossi Open Matched Pair youth rifle, or their trifecta? For $100 at Dick's Sporting Goods you can get a matched pair, where you can switch the barrel out between two. For example they have a .22/410 combo, or a .22/20 gauge etc

    I've read some online reviews and seems to get good feedback, and it's a good price. I want to see if they can get me one of their 20 gauge/223 (or 243) combo.

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    No firsthand xp but they seem to get good reviews online. For that price I say go for it!
    Let's Roll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glockguy
    No firsthand xp but they seem to get good reviews online. For that price I say go for it!
    At $100, not risking a whole lot at least.

    My son is only 13 months, so it'll be awhile before he can shoot it. But his cousin is getting old enough he can start pheasant or coyote hunting or something. So he can use it in the meantime.

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    Picked up one of these today (the 20 gauge/.22). Have to take it out and see how I like it. Seems like a nice little rifle.

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    Hate to tell ya, but I had that exact match. My shoulder was black, blue, & yellow after a couple dozen rounds of 20ga. I sold it soon afterwards. I didn't like the .22 either (it took my scouts longer than it should have to get their rifle shooting merit badges and I think I blame the thick chunk of steel they call the front sight) and the Rossi customer service sucked really bad when I tried to get some custom work (eg - changing the stock or anyting simple) or even when I tried to get some more information about the rifle I already owned. The reps only had the user manual that came with the rifle to answer questions from.

    I don't know what other shooters they make, but they won't get another penny from me. Sorry I didn't get to this post before you bought it. Lemme know what you think of it and watch your shoulder with the 20.

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    Bummer, I bought it a day late, eh? I read a lot of customer reviews of people that really liked it though
    I'll guess I'll see how I like it.

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    That was 3 or 4 years back, so hopefully they have improved things for that set. Mine only had a hard buttplate on the stock.

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