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Thread: How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?

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    Same Response??

    Two wheels are better than four, keep the rubber side down.

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    favorite answer
    "To hell with morality, I'd be too busy pile-driving, crane-kicking, and bare-knuckle bashing them all the way back to kintergarten"
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    The man thong is wrong.

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    Sucks for them. UUtah hasn't seen those day for a while. . .hate that.

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    quiz said 30
    I liked the question would you use a five year old as a weapon

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    Yeah Bitches!! 32 Bring those little F'rs on.

    Two wheels are better than four, keep the rubber side down.

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    33!!!! I don't mean to be the "one upper" but I can beat some serious kiddie ass.

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    I liked the how much is your dead body worth quiz on the same site. Mine

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    22 Five Year Olds.

    A little over $5k for my dead body.

    42% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

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    Only 20 five year olds, and I'm only 82% geek, but 97% alcoholic - now that's an accomplishment!
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    You guys are a bunch of pussies...

    You could take on 34 five year old kids in a fight.

    Congratulations, your dead body is worth $5050!

    And I have no clue how that happened unless they like to study a well used body.

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    Well, here's my scores.

    I can take 33 kids.

    I'm 64% alcoholic (A social drinker). Which is funny cause I've never drank.

    My body is worth $5,375. Not bad.

    I have a 62% chance of surviving the oncoming zombie horde.

    And I'm 78% Geek.

    I'd say I'm fairly pleased with these scores. Though I think that the zombie invasion one is probably higher than it would really be.

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    37 brats! Yeah! They didn't know I'm a Jedi.
    Lost On A Hill

    Utah Water Log

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    I could take 28 5-yo's in a fight ( why haven't I ever been trampeled by a stampede?), I'm 76% alcololic (funny 'cause I've never touched a drop, unless you count Nyquil when I'm really sick), My dead body is worth $4508, I have a 75% chance of surviving a zombie apacolypse (I would stare longingly into a loved one's eyes before capping them, but only for a couple of seconds, not some annoyingly long time like in the movies), I am 46% geek, and Bruce Lee died on my birthday.
    Remember kids, don't try this at home. Try it at someone else's home.

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