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Thread: How To Cook Food on Your Car Engine

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    How To Cook Food on Your Car Engine

    Cook this!


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    I saw something like this on TV when I was a kid. They did hamburgers!

    I'd opt for pre-cook meats also.

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    I have seen food cooked (at least warmed) by snow mobilers...
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    We've done that before It works just fine and even does corn on the cob and other veggies

    The funny thing is to pack somebody's header or exhaust manifold with hamburger, sausage, or something else that produces a lot of grease when cooked. (I'm talking a strictly off road vehicle here) As they begin to head out on the trail after lunch it smells like burgers, no big deal if you just ate some. As the burger meat begins to really cook, the smoke that pours out of the engine compartment is enough to stop anybody in their tracks, thinking they're on fire

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    When I drove a Blazer, we packed sandwiches (hamburgers, ham & cheese, etc) against the manifold at a mid-morning stop, then had lunch piping hot at noon. with the Pilot, the whole engine is pretty much shrouded by plastic. we bought a DC-powered hot/cool box, but only used it a few times. It just isn't the same.

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    I usually do this everytime I go on a multi-day wheeling trip. With a v-8 engine, there's a natural spot for cooking. The heater core hose is positioned such that it keeps things from rolling around too much. I usually cook brats, re-heat beto's burritos, cans of soup, and other sealed stuff. I just throw it on about 15 minutes before we're going to stop for camp, and it comes out perfect. I've been trying to figure out a way to cook a frozen pizza on the engine.

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    Ever roast your weenie in a tailpipe...?
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    Car-B-Que my favorite, I heat up garlic bread on the muffler of my Vanagon all the time, keeps the skeeters away.

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