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Thread: Reputable sites to buy from

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    Reputable sites to buy from

    The main two I would use is

    adorama or B&H but.....

    with everyone looking for a deal I've been asked about amazon and ebay(which I wouldnt recommend do to all the chinese knockoffs out there) and these and . Anyone use these for camera goods?

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    keh is another big camera broker i used to use w/ film goods a lot. is another good place to buy from. not teh huge comglomeration like the others, more personal.

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    Beach Camera and BuyDig are the same company and I've had excellent results. They offer free shipping on most items and that can trump B&H at times.

    I've bought from Amazon, B&H (lots of equip) and Beach/Buydig all with good results.

    On camera gear I'd go right to and check feed back. There are a lot of camera stores that are less than honest when it comes to dealing with them.

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    Beach is my favorite, because of low prices. Service has been excellent, including a return. B&H is also very good.

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    after some more research and calling around I would flat out avoid those two I asked about. They are

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    B&H gets the And CAMETA CAMERA not to shabby either

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    I would add Midwest Photo Exchange (, great guys!!, like Badger they are more "personal", tons of large format photography equipments, and Pictureline il Salt Lake City (, great gusy too, I always buy 4x5" films from them when I'm the USA...


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