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Thread: JD Football

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    JD Football

    As a proud parent and coach.... just thought I'd post a couple pictures from our football team.

    This is Juan Diego's 6th Grade Silver team. #12 is my daughter who is the first girl to ever play football for Juan Diego. She scored a TD in our last game.

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    Congrats for your daughter Ice! She must be good.

    However, are you sure you aren't trying to make your daughter into a guy??? I guess I just don't agree with some sports having mixed sexes. I know of a team that had a girl and everybody was afraid of giving her an equally hard hit. Special treatment if you will. She will just be way smaller than those guys in a few years as far as mass. IMO

    This is nothing to say your daughter is not good, but will she be safe considering her size in a number of years?

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    That's awesome!

    So know how in football they all slap each other's asses to say "good job?" Do the boys on the team try that crap with her? Cause if that were my daughter and they pulled that, I think the school nurse would be keep busy pulling teeth out of the back of kids' throats!!
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    After the first few days the team treats her as just one of the guys. The first few days of practice are usually a little different for her. But after she lays a couple of the boyz out in tackling drills they learn really quick she's serious so they better get serious. It also helps that she is usually the fastest player on the team. Football is not the sport I would pick for her, it's what she choose and so I try and support her 100%. She is crazy about football and has been since she was little, this is her 6th year playing.

    The funny part is after the first few days I think the team takes pride in having "the girl". Last week we scrimaged against anther team... she just decked the opposing tailback and knocked him a little goofy.... our D end walks over to the guy lying on the ground and informs him "you were just tackled by a girl!"

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    And a little update for you football fans.... Our team is currently 6-1and we have already qualified for the playoffs. We run the Single Wing with the Spinner Series. If you have never seen a good Single Wing team running Spinner you have missed poetry in motion.

    This is not my team but this is the exact same offense we run.

    We are really putting up big numbers. We beat Ameriacan Fork last week 50-0.

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    Man, from that video I'd guess that a lot of teams can't run that offense due to a lack of intelligence on the part of the players. Looks like it would be EASY to mix up assignments on some of those calls.

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    It's actually a really simple offense and great for youth football. Extremely hard to defense because your not sure who has the rock. The base formation is always the same and the routes are pretty much always the same.... it's just who ends up with the football which I call from the sideline. So our team knows if they fake the handoff or take it.

    The Single Wing is the father of todays modern Spread Offense. If anyone in the SLC area wants to come to one of our practices I'll show you how the offense works. Or you can come to a game and watch, but you will get a better understanding of the real mechanics at practice.

    Right now Florida, Arkansas, Boise and a few other teams have a Single Wing package. Bill Walsh always said his one regret in coaching was that he did not put in a Single Wing series for Steve Young. He figures Young would have been unstoppable.

    I have a bunch of video of my team but it's all in VOB format and I'm not sure how to convert it and strip out the plays into something I can post on YouTube.

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    Where in SLC do you practice/days/time?

    I'm in Provo, but might make the trip to see it in action and understand it a bit better. I'll be coaching high school basketball this year for the first time and although it's not the same sport it's always beneficial to see another coach in action. Plus I want to see how that offense works.

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    Our next scheduled practice is Wednesday at 5:30pm.

    We practice at Juan Deigo High School in Draper.

    Check your PM's for a message.

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    Looks like quite a team. You have some big players, including your daughter. Congrats to you both.

    Check out my photo gallery at

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    Juan Diego -34
    Lone Peak - 7

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    Kick Ass!

    Kudos, coach...And congrats.
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    Way to go!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe
    Juan Diego -34
    Lone Peak - 7

    How did they end up getting negative scores? Must have been some game!
    Let's Roll

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe
    Juan Diego -34
    Lone Peak - 7

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    From the pictures she runs or has the motion of an true athlete. Great deal the kid has a future- it's not football ( maybe the first female pro kicker )
    get her into something she can excel in and take her to college.

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    Quote Originally Posted by packfish
    get her into something she can excel in and take her to college.
    You have no clue how hard we try to find her a sport she enjoys that she can go further in.... but she is only in 6th grade so she has a lot of time.... for now I just let her play what she enjoys.

    The good side is she is really learning to play, compete and win against some of the best athletes in the state. That easily transfers to any sport you play.

    Stormy hates to play most sports like basketball and soccer because they make her play in the girls league and she just totally dominates any girl league she plays in, I mean dominates to the point it is not any fun for her and she has no competition.

    Juan Diego's varsity football coach did attend our championship game. I think he is very happy with the players he will be getting in a couple more years. We have several really talented players.

    Below is a TD pass from my tailback to the strong end. This play put us up 14-zip in the championship game.

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    So tell me about # 25. It appears from his size that the 6th grade has been the best 4 years of his life.
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