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Thread: Light in Narrow Spaces

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    damn Stefan those colors are sick

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    many thanks, summit!

    when i turned the camera on before the canyon it said 'battery depleted' and i had no way of charging the battery. i figured i would only be able to take photos in one location in the entire canyon, so i waited for the best moment. this was the only part of the canyon which was illuminated like this during our descent and knew i had to try. fortunately i got it, because after a few photos here, the camera would instantly turn off.

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    Here are a few of my slot canyon shots. My favorite places to shoot.

    The Narrows:
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    Last One for Now:

    Keyhole Canyon Iceflow
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    not sure what to say after those Robert except perhaps

    the texture in the one from Paria is sick. And that Iceflow in keyhole is absolutely original. Never seen that photographed before. totally awesome!
    Leave No Trace

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    Summit- that canyon kindof looks like crack canyon. Just a guess...

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    Quote Originally Posted by uintahiker
    Summit- that canyon kindof looks like crack canyon. Just a guess...
    Its upper Eardley

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    Still some good photos showing up in this thread.

    Joint Trail Light by Jared Payne, on Flickr

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    top quality thread :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwi_outdoors View Post
    top quality thread :-)
    Yes, it was a nice thread to bring back to the top

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