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Thread: Best of Wildlife

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    a it-should-be-wild life shot. turpentine creek exotic animal shelter, cruelest place i have ever seen. how selfish do you have to be to think confining an animal to a 20x20, or if they are lucky 20x50, foot cage is doing that animal a favor ? to die in slow misery, spirit slowly destroyed, removed from its habitat so some human can pat itself on the back. this place was full of big cats in particular. cages 3-5 body lengths big in any given direction. many had mange and most were pathetically despondent. lifeless eyes w/ no joy left in them. god it made me sick.

    all this monkey did was pace its cell back and forth. a few steps left, a few steps right, over and over and over.
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    How many goats can you see in this pic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summit42
    How many goats can you see in this pic?
    Dang. That's a lotta goats. Richard? Can you count 'em? I get 36 minimum, plus about 3 possible "just poking out from behind another"s.

    Reminds me of this one: How many birds can you see in this pic?

    Answer's here

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    5, but i didn't look too long

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    I've seen one or two of these around lately... :)

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    Looks like you took the pic of that bug under a microscope. Impressive, the lack of depth of field is amazing at that distance.

    Almost forgot.....
    Quit looking at me SWWWAAANNNN!

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    The colors look very interesting on my screen, now that I have spit a bunch of soda all over it. The swan comment made me laugh so hard, I was coughing for like 2 minutes! hahaha:)

    Should I post the spider face pic?

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    I think that anything can be interesting, if you look close enough. This spider was small enough to stand on a pencil eraser and not hang over the edge, most people wouldn't even notice him.

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    Whoa! Rooster, nice stuff.

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    Rock Canyon, Provo.

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    Was this today Bill? I need to go spend some time finding these guys, just been busy. Their coats look real dark this year. Here is one from last year.

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    I took those on Friday, The sheep was north of the gate in the normal spot. That shot is great! Where did you take it?

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    Nice sheep shots. Need to get out and take some soon.

    CarpeyBiggs...took a peek at your photo website...very nice!!

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    Backpacking up Mill Creek Canyon this summer, we shared a little valley with this guy all weekend
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