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Thread: Best of Wildlife

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    Best of Wildlife

    Post your best wildlife photo's here.

    The Rules: Only one picture allowed per post (helps loading and scrolling). Only three pictures allowed from any one member. Please size your pics to something reasonable.

    Ready... get set.... go...

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    Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, as vital to our lives and water and good bread
    - Edward Abbey

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    I'll play, tough call from quite a few good shots of Bighorn in Zion.

    Quoting my best friend, Bob McNally, after a bad boating trip: "Nature scares me!"

    Utah photos:

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    Here is anther shot I took while climbing Devils Castle in a snow storm. This was really strange because we were fogged in and could only see 20' most of the day. But suddenly the clouds parted for about 30 seconds and offered this shot. I have this pic enlarged and mounted in my family room.
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    San Juan, Washington
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    San Juan, Washington
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    umm ... this is my only digital wildlife shot ... peacin' out california style

    california gulls on the salt flats, june 2000

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    I think this is the only one I have right now!

    Kinda Lame compared to all the majestic Wildlife already on here!
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    Boulder Mountain Prairie Dog
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    "You Sombitch's couldn't close an umbrella"
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    This was taken at the Butterfly Pavilion in Denver, so I don't really know if it qualifies as "wildlife", but I like the shot:

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    Momma and two kids in just outside GNP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpn cntrpnch
    I'll add a dragon
    wonderful shot cpn

    good to see you 'round these parts.
    i hope you share more photos ... and ideas

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    These guys are hard to catch with a camera
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    See you on the Trail

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    I like wildlife shots and tried a lot during my last vacation.
    I'll add this one here with the Gopher Snake, 'cause I like snakes a lot and was really happy to see this one.

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    and here is one of the cute Prairie Dogs I saw in Bryce Canyon this june.

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