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Thread: Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Torrent?

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    Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Torrent?
    (Summit, I used the url tag for you )

    I can't get to torrent sites at work, so I don't know if this is confirmed.

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    500 - Internal Server Error

    Oh well.

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    I figured you were trying to torrent the movie..... i was thinking that was the new movie.

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    Deathly Hallows is the new book. So, chances are it will just be a text file that says "Hermione Dies".

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    Summit, I think you need to go to the thread on embarrassing secrets and admit you're a closet Potter fan, and you were just pretending to not know the difference between the new book and new movie.

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    Hey man, the wife almost got me to see HP this weekend... too bad it was sold out when we go there.

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    HA! HA!

    Check out this Harry Potter SPOILER:

    One of the funniest videos I've seen in a while!
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