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    Photo Collage Software

    Everyone has seen those photo collages that take a thousand images and put them together and make a huge image . . of another picture. Does anyone have software that does that? I assume they don't do that by hand.

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    i heard someone paints those by hand ... and NOT with an airbrush

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    This won't help much, but I got software to do that as part of another package I bought (scanner or something). I installed it, tried it, saw no use for it (for me) and dumped it. I don't remember the name. By the way, I don't think those pictures are referred to as a collage, but I don't know what they are called. I googled "collage software" and got a bunch of stuff that won't do what you want. Like I said, not much help.

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    It suddenly came to me: what you describe is called a montage. google says ArcSoft has a program called PhotoMontage. They are also called "mosaics".

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    I made this fine collage by hand. member collage

    Here is a cheat site that interfaces with flickr:

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    Yep, that is a good example of a collage. I do mine by hand, too, but there is software to help.

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