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    Bike Hiking

    Feed back folks, I ride in the Intermountain Cup Series, and enjoy it quite a bit. This week end is the 5 mile pass, which has at least one get off your bike and hike up hill areas. I have pre road the course three times now and have come up with an invention that (I might have pattened, so no infringing) helps on the steep stuff. An over the shoulder hook that allows you to pick your bike up, set it on the hook and basically back pack your bike over the pass. I thought it was cool enough to share with my new friends on UUtah.
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    Sounds like a good idea, I have done some of my own thinking along those lines.

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    Cool. Just make it lightweight, and attachable to the bike for riding. I think you'll have a product.

    We'd be glad to push it for you here, too.

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