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Thread: Angel's Landing Restroom

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    Angel's Landing Restroom

    So what is the deal with the stinky restroom at Scout Lookout on the way to Angel's Landing in Zion? I first noticed this beauty about 3 years ago. Well actually I could smell it well before we actually saw it. It smelled so bad that it ruined any sightseeing from Scout Lookout. I think if anyone had of actually enter the restroom to drop a duce they would have died from the smell before gettin their pants below the knee. This last weekend the bathroom was still there but it was locked. Anyone know what the park is planning?

    *sorry, no pictures*

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    I always thought taking a leak off the top was the best part of hiking.

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    You know, I understand why they are there but part of me also doesn't understand how they ever expected to maintain them. Does the Park have a helipotty pilot? Or does the noob ranger have to lug up the cleanser and brush and clean up the mess? Then what happens when the thing is full? Was this idea really thought out very well? Also, there seems to be a certain portion of the population or should I say poopulation that can't seem to find the hole. They pee and poo all over the place. It is just nasty and wrong. I think a certain even smaller part of the poopulation does this intentionally which deserves a good public flogging. And then the stuff they throw down those holes baffles the intellect. I vote for a sign at the bottom to turn around, go back to the real restrooms and take care of business before you go to the top. Then get rid of the foul stench producing potties on top.
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    Re: Angel's Landing Restroom

    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe
    drop a duce
    Hee hee heee!

    That's a good one. Here's some others:

    Pinch a loaf
    Drop the kids off at the pool
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    Re: Angel's Landing Restroom

    Quote Originally Posted by Rev. Coyote
    Drop the kids off at the pool

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