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Thread: East Fork Pasture Canyon

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    I have been told (97.3% reliable source) the best exit from East Fork of Pasture is from the confluence you go east up to the White Rooost Road.... you know... the super secret road that leads to Chambers.

    Actually if the east exit works it looks like doing the entire EF Pasture route based from the White Roost Trailhead/campsite might be the hot ticket. Easy to spot a 4x4 down the white roost road and cut off some mileage.

    Of course I have never done this route and I am shamelessly spraying unconfirmed beta to the poor hapless general public..... so go at your own risk and don't sue me when you get your ass in a sling.

    Old thread, but I just completed exits mentioned and this could be some useful information. If you don't have a shuttle, the west exit and hike back is certainly shorter and faster. The east side exit is more interesting. If you have a shuttle, the best way is to come out the east side. A pretty good road almost reaches the rim right near the exit.
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