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    boat rental

    am considering a powell trip june-ish, coming out of weahweap. are all the boat rentals alike in what you get for the price ? only need the bare bones, something to carry 6 or so people for 5 days. motor up river a ways and park it to explore around cummings mesa on day hikes.

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    You need to call them ASAP. Reservations fill up early. I recall they have at least two sizes of houseboats, because I reserved one for 8 people, but the boat would sleep 10.

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    I assume you are referring to a power boat? I've rented one at Wahweap before, and they do rent different boats. The one we rented was the bare bones model, and it was a pile of junk. We rented it to go wake boarding, but it couldn't pull anyone out of the water. For your purposes, it might fit the ticket, just don't overload it or you won't plane. I think aramark has a sight that you can see different rates.

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    yeah, a power boat. was hoping to find someone who had some insight or experience w/ rental places besides aramark down wahweap way. always lookign for a better deal...

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    Try looking up a rec rental in Page. We rented a boat from there one year and it worked out alright for us. Just remember to pull up the prop before you drag it out of the water. We forgot and had to pay 75 bucks to replace a dinged prop.

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