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Thread: Do you have any magazine subscriptions?

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    Do you have any magazine subscriptions?

    The book (bathroom reading) thread got me interested in what magazines you guys read (if any).

    I receive: Time, National Review, National Geographic, National Geographic Traveler, & Xbox Magazine.

    (I actually cancelled my subscription to most of those last year, but the magazines just keep coming every month).

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    I get Smithsonian, which is really good, Outside, and Backpacker.

    There's more, but none I wanna brag about.

    I still miss Omni, the best mag ever:

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    I'm too cheap to pay for a magazine subscription, but I used to read my mom's Discover magazines after she was finished with them. That's about the only magazine I ever showed any interest in.

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    I have heard really good things about Smithsonian magazine.

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    I can't say enough good things about Smithsonian, and it actually takes me a couple of hours to devour and digest it, it reads like a meal, whereas Time magazine is just a quick snack.

    National Geographic Traveler? Never heard of it, prolly cool though, the original NG is still good after all these years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donny h
    I still miss Omni, the best mag ever:
    I didn't know it went out of print. Back in the day I read it quite a bit.

    My subscriptions: National Geographic.

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    I get the itch every 5 years. Then I subscribe to a few and then never read them. They end up just laying around the house and still in the plastic.

    Right now I have a few getting mailed to me:
    National Geographic Adventure
    Car and Driver
    BMW Rider or something (I actually flip through this one)

    Paper is just OUT for me...actually I hate paper.

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    I love my magazines, though if I didn't get so many, I'd have time to read more books. On the other hand, if I didn't read so many books, I'd have time for more magazines. It's a nasty Catch 22...

    - National Geographic (since 1973)
    - Flying
    - COPA Flight (the poorer country cousin to AOPA Pilot - but more appropriate to my home)
    - Wired
    - Details
    - Gripped (The Canadian Climbing Magazine)

    At work we get Aviation Week & Space Technology - always devour that one - plus other aviation specific journals.

    Lapsed subscriptions include:

    - Time
    - Plane & Pilot
    - Rock & Ice

    Considering subscribing to:

    - JP Magazine
    - Backpacker

    My wife gets Entertainment Weekly and Vanity Fair. I'll browse those, on occasion.

    Of course, there are also the journals of the clubs and associations I belong to, such as the BC Mountaineering Club, BC Climbers' Access Society, Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC, SUWA's Redrock Wilderness (looking forward to the first of these - you guys talked me into joining!) and so on.

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    I get ZooBooks and Backpacker.
    I have read several Smithsonian magazines, may have to head to ebay to see if any subscriptions are there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtnman1830
    may have to head to ebay to see if any subscriptions are there.
    That is a great idea. eBay has everything but I have never looked for subscriptions.

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    I am corrupting my boys Im Maxim just lapsed but I have FHM too, then CondeNast Traveler, National Geog, Petersons 4X4, MountainBike Action, Bike, Bon Appetit, I lose track...I've always got to have a mag to read underground in the mine.

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    National Speed Sport News

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    Bike Magazine

    Mens Health

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