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Thread: GO BEARS!

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    soitgos . . .

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    Good for the Bears. I like them, but I just couldn't bring myself to root for them over the 'aints. Woulda been pretty cool for New Orleans. But at least this way we don't have to see the same thing played over and over... katrina katrina katrina. That's all we would have seen until the Super Bowl. I still can't believe Grossman took 'em to the bowl.
    I wish my lawn was EMO so it would cut itself.

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    I've been a Bears fan for . . . well forever. Nice to see them back to the Super Bowl. Although, I've never believed they could go all the way with Grossman, either.
    soitgos . . .

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    Yeah, I have nothing against da Bears. I liked both NO and CHI. Hated to see the Saints lose, but happy for da Bears. Watching to see if we will have a 1985 rematch.

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    I was hoping for a rematch of 21 years ago as well, and it was a close call.
    but it should be a good game against the colts.
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    Grossman didn't carry them to the bowl, Urlacher and Briggs did and Hester and their special teams

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    My dad is so happy. He's a big fan. I remember when they were in the super bowl last, I was in 4th grade...198? My teacher had everyone wear white orange and blue, and bring in their favorite teddy bear to class!

    I grew up in "da region" where they say stuff like "da Bears!" That's the kind of accent my whole family has.

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