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Thread: Subway - Zion NP

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    Subway - Zion NP

    Subway - Zion NP
    August 27, 2006

    John, Felicia, Shauna & Shane

    The water in the upper section was really cold, much colder than any previous trip I have taken. We had the best light ever for photo's, unfortunately John took his camera swimming in the first pothole. It took us about 9 hours for the complete meal deal, but we were slow with lots of pictures, resting and lounging in the sun. Probably seen about 20 people at the actual Subway, biggest crowd I have ever encountered. The group was made up of 5 or 6 smaller groups and I was happy to see a large amount of consideration was extend all around so everyone could get the pictures they wanted. The light for pictures was perfect about the time we showed up which probably accounted for some of the crowd.

    Anyhoo..... enough chat, I knows its the pictures you really want to see.....
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    WOW!! Spectacular photos!!!! Nice job!!
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    sounds like a relaxing trip.
    nice photos.
    i wonder if there was much beer after? hmmm.

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    Very cool photos indeed!

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    Very nice pics. What an awesome place! Thanks.

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    Dude, now I really want to go there (I've never been)
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    Subway is one of the best canyons around. It is suitable for experienced hikers and/or beginning technical canyoneers. The canyon is also fun for beginners provided they have competent leadership.

    Here is a route description, map and GPS waypoints for anyone thinking about doing the route.


    This canyon should be on everyones "must-do" list

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    Well, kindof. I didn't enjoy the exit hike.
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    Looks like a Gregory family portrait....

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    Thanks for the photos. I'm always hearing about this one.

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    nice photos shane.

    the colors came out really well. the lighting in the subway is excellent.

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