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Thread: Utah Football

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    I think Utah just ran into a really good team. Ben Olsen was everything he was advertised to be. I expect UCLA to go far this season if they stay healthy.

    I also saw a big weakness in Utah..... they have no running game. Coach Mac was always able to recruit outstanding RB's..... this is really the first year Utah is playing without Mac recruits.

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    Dang did that blow for Utah! The offense looked horrible and Rat didn't look very comfortable at times. I don't know what to say. Yeah they should be 2-1 in a couple weeks and we'll see how they bounce back. Even if they had the offense clicking a bit I don't think they would have outscored UCLA. The Bruins looked great and yeah the Utah defense struggled. But hell they were on the field the whole game and damn did Olson get rid of that ball quick. He also had time when he needed it and could really scramble. Us Ute fans should count our lucky stars that he transferred from BYU. The kid is rockin'!

    Really though the Mountain West looked horrible and for anyone that got to see their new TV channel. What a joke! When ESPN covers the MTN West they make them look bigger than they are, they can pronounce names, they know their stuff, for the most part they don't speak gibberish. This new TV deal is going to again show people why the MTN West is the MTN West. Just a sh*tty deal all the way around this weekend.

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    Here's how Utah football will shake out this year:

    <sigh> Another mediocre season, with barely more wins than losses. We will somehow eke out a no-name bowl at the end of the season. At the end of it all we will through a monumental act of denial shake off the entire piss-poor season with the statement that...."Well, at least we beat BYU!"


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