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Thread: Utah Football

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    Utah Football

    I hear the new Sports Illustrated just came out and listed Utah as one of 16 teams that could win it all.

    If true that is SWEET!!!!!!

    That is a major victory in gaining RESPECT!!!!

    BYU and the Gators were NOT on the list.

    Now I hope those guys up on the hill are smart enough to start Rat. That guy deserves to start at least until he loses. I don't understand why they are creating a QB controversy. If you have never lost you should keep starting. Rat is a player.

    Go Utes

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    Yeah, they WILL start Rat. He has proven himself and should not lose his job in practice. I mean would practice show better than his work on the field? But, its just how they do things to make people work the hardest in practice. Just mind games...

    I found the articles on SI:

    Title Contender: Utah

    Anybody's ball game

    Weddle will have an epic year!!

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    Check out the sixteen teams on the SI list. Being mentioned in the same breath as some of these teams is pretty cool....

    Notre Dame
    Florida State
    Ohio State
    Georgia Tech
    South Carolina
    West Virginia

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    Dang.... check this out..... the 2006-2007 Bowl Projections from College Football News

    Fiesta Bowl
    Glendale, AZ
    Glendale Stadium
    January 1, 2007, Fox
    BCS vs. BCS (Big 12 Champion to play here if available)
    Bowl Projection: Texas vs. Utah

    Don't be shocked if Nebraska slides its way in here. Assuming Ohio State and the Fiesta would want a mini-break from each other, a second trip to the Fiesta in three years for Utah wouldn't be bad to sell the place out. (Remember the new BCS rules. All a Conference USA, Mountain West, MAC, Sun Belt or WAC team has to do is be in the top 12 teams in the final standings or be in the top 16 and be ranked higher than the champion of a BCS conference.)

    I'm getting excite for football.

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    Yup, yup, yup...I should be getting my tix in the mail soon. I am very tempted to make the trip to Pasadena for the Utes road opener.

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    Dang.... I just checked and I can get round trip air for $178. Hmmmm.... maybe I'll go to Pasadena

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    Yeah, very tempting!

    The cougs will see if they can get their first winning record since 2001.

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    The latest USA Today Coaches poll was different, placing Utah at around 28:

    1. Ohio State (28) 0-0 1487 4
    2. Texas (11) 0-0 1378 1
    3. USC (1) 0-0 1348 2
    3. Notre Dame (9) 0-0 1348 11
    5. Oklahoma (13) 0-0 1320 22
    6. Auburn (1) 0-0 1206 14
    7. West Virginia 0-0 1202 6
    8. Florida 0-0 1054 16
    9. LSU 0-0 1037 5
    10. Florida State 0-0 874 23
    11. Miami (FL) 0-0 839 18
    12. California 0-0 798 25
    13. Louisville 0-0 785 20
    14. Georgia 0-0 784 10
    15. Michigan 0-0 778 NR
    16. Virginia Tech 0-0 591 7
    17. Iowa 0-0 519 NR
    18. Clemson 0-0 493 21
    19. Penn State 0-0 406 3
    20. Oregon 0-0 373 12
    21. TCU 0-0 270 9
    22. Nebraska 0-0 261 24
    23. Tennessee 0-0 216 NR
    24. Alabama 0-0 210 8
    25. Texas Tech 0-0 198 19
    Arizona State 182, Boston College 87, Utah 84, Arkansas 64, South Carolina 55, Boise State 46, Wisconsin 37, UCLA 29, Georgia Tech 28, Fresno State 14, Tulsa 11, Iowa State 9, Minnesota 9, Maryland 8, Purdue 7, Texas A&M 6, Memphis 5, Nevada 3, UTEP 3, Rutgers 2, Northern Illinois 2, Northwestern 2, Oregon State 2, Arizona 2, Brigham Young 2, Colorado 1, Duke 1.
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    Yeah, they all have their own ranking and its all hogwash really. Just something to write about and get people excited for FB.

    I am exited that 1280 will now have the Utes. Well, they will become 700 eventually. They will do a great job covering the Utes...hell they already have.

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    The SI write up was not based on who is the best team in the country..... it is who has a chance to actually win it all based on schedule, who you are playing and such. Some are predicting that if Utah can get by UCLA they could again run the table. They have some tough teams but they are all home games.

    Now we all know the preseason polls are just a bunch of crap.... but... The best part is this gets voters in the polls to start looking at Utah and considering them. The sooner you get noticed and start climbing in the polls the better off you are.

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    It is now time to register my official and formal complaint for not having a cool emoticon for BYU on this site. I have sorta figured that this site was oozing red. No one has ever mentioned caffeine free coke or used the word "fetch". And so, I have been patient with the blatant one sided emoticons until now. Come on, equal rights, don't tread on me, Darn (hey I'm from Provo) the torpedoes. It is time for some equality. There is life and football south of the point of the mountain. (Ya Ya, bring it on, my helmet is on and I can take it. I can still remember the glory days of cougar football. I was at the National Championship game and oh ya, cougars won. ) I want a good emoticon for my cougs. And as always, may the best team win and lets keep this friendly. I am the sensitive type, easily offended and can't take a joke.
    Life is Good

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    Official BYU emoticon

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    If that is the best you can do, at least make it blue and white
    Life is Good

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    isn't caffeine free coke an oxymoron?

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    you mean like diet cookies? or low fat potato chips? or power bars. Seems like the only people who eat power bars at the gym are guy in head bands. Oooo another oxymoron... guy in headband.
    Life is Good

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    hey scott, how 'bout

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    Ok, now were are getting somewhere. At least it's blue. Or how about this Blue and white. If I can't have an official BYU emoticon, I am adopting this one. which will officially kill its usefulness in the future for all you Utes.
    Life is Good

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    official byu emoticon : self-reflection

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    Blue/white, good, the message --- ouch.!!!!
    Life is Good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Card
    Blue/white, good, the message --- ouch.!!!!
    all in fun, of course, scott

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