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Thread: List of places to waterski/wakeboard

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    List of places to waterski/wakeboard

    I just thought we could get a list going of all of the lakes, resevoirs, and dams that you can use to go boating.

    I'm mostly familiar with the ones north of Salt Lake City, so hopefully you guys could fill us all in. I'd like to get a list going for each body of water with the applying fees, and possibly directions.

    Starting off in the North:
    Bear Lake -- Utah/Idaho border
    Call's Fort Ski Lake (bouy course only) -- Honeyville, UT
    Mantua Resevoir -- Mantua, UT (pronounced Mant-oo-ay)
    Willard Bay -- Willard, UT
    Pineview Resevoir/Dam -- Huntsville, UT
    Plain City bouy course -- Plain City, UT

    Echo Dam -- Coalville?
    Jordanelle -- Heber?
    Gunlock -- St George?
    Lake Powell -- Utah/Arizona border

    With this list of lakes, I'd like to build a mini trip report index helping us locate all of the nearest places to ski and board.

    Maybe this will boost the posts in the boating section as well. Please reply to this post and tell the name and location of the lakes you know of.


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    Deer Creek - Midway/Heber

    and there is that newer Res. in St George. I think it is called Sand Hollow.

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    east canyon res.

    yuba lake

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyD
    and there is that newer Res. in St George. I think it is called Sand Hollow.
    Yup, right across the highway from Quail Creek Reservoir.

    Echo Reservoir
    Jordanalle Reservoir
    Rockport Reservoir
    Utah Lake

    This site is cool!
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    Below is my list from back in the day when I owned a boat. The list is Lake Name, Elevation and hours to the ramp from Draper. If multiply ramps the ramp is listed. If you own a hi-proformace boat knowing the elevation is important so you know how to prop your boat.

    I used to have about a dozen different props and would prop the boat to the lake and what I intended to do.... YMMV.


    BEAR LAKE 5924 3.25
    EAST CANYON 5662 1.5
    ECHO 5560 1.0
    DEER CREEK 5417 0.45
    FLAMING GORGE 6006 4.5
    GREAT SALT LAKE 4200 0.45
    LAKE MEAD 1170 5.5 OVERTON
    LAKE POWELL 3700 5.25 HITE
    LOST CREEK 6000
    OTTER CREEK 6400 4.00
    PIUTE 5996 4.00
    QUAIL CREEK 3390 6.00
    ROCKPORT 6037 1.0
    SCOFIELD 7600 2.0
    SNAKE RIVER 4165 2.75 BURLEY
    STARVATION 5712 2.0
    STRAWBERRY 7558 1.5
    UTAH LAKE 4488 0.45
    WILLARD BAY 4200 1.25
    YUBA 5500 1.5
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    Cool, keep 'em coming.

    So far we've got a good enough list going to start an index.

    Ultimate goal - get some pictures from each lake!

    Keep the list going. I'll put the index together sometime this weekend, and I'll continue to add to it when new locations arrive.


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    Ice if your talking about the Lost Creek that is up Weber canyon there is no motorized boats allowed on this reservoir.

    As sombeech mentioned,

    Calls Fort in Honeyville, Sunten Lakes by Tooele, and Pioneer Pond in Plain City are Bouy Courses and Jump skiing only which = membership which in turn =$$$$$$ to ski.

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    I forgot to mention Sand Hollow outside of St. George, and Gunlock Reservoir. These are both great little lakes, and they both have perfect cliffs for cliff diving(huge plus ).

    Sand Hollow is a great facility, restrooms, paved camping areas, sand dunes to ride the four wheelers, and hiking trails. You can do it all in one spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shagster
    Ice if your talking about the Lost Creek that is up Weber canyon there is no motorized boats allowed on this reservoir.
    I haven't been to Lost Creek in 20 years, at one time it was legal to have an engine on Lost Creek.

    Last time I was up to Lost Creek we took a full bore Super Stock race boat and went waterskiing. Damn.... the fishermen were pissed off. This boat had a 427ci Chevy dumping into un-muffled wet stacks..... it was REALLY LOAD..... the boat would do over 100 mph. It was a blast to drive, but dangerous as shit.

    I used to be really big into boats......
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