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Thread: Zero-G update

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    Zero-G update

    I hear that Zero-G is completely full of water after that section of the San Rafael was pounded by a thunderstorm last weekend. Even more interesting is I hear the semi-keeper pothole is now gone..... completely filled with sand and gravel. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who can confirm this.... Rotating canyon features are very interesting. And sometimes is takes a little while to get a good handle on a new canyon like Zero-G.

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    The semi-keeper is still a semi-keeper, and still the same depth as when I did Zero-G a year or so ago. Maybe about 4 meters (12 feet) deep?

    Canyon had about the same amount of water as my last trip through as well, maybe 80% full?

    We cleaned a fixed and very tattered rope from the last drop into the pool. As of today, there are two slung rocks for anchors in the last section of canyon. The first of these seems unnecessary, but I didn't clean it in case someone needs it. The second was at the bombay, and in addition to about 75' of left rope. Second is also unnecessary for most, but if you were too big to fit, you may need it, so I left it.

    C'mon people, leaving 75'+ of fixed rope in Zero-G?!?! Let's try and keep canyons cleaner than that!! Zero is short enough that even if you had to leave the rope because you did not have enough, you should have gone back and cleaned it. This had been there quite awhile, and was a mess.

    Some pics below.
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    The canyon doesn't get much fuller then this picture unless you do it while its still flowing.

    And I say folks should clean out the canyons when they have the opportunity. Leaving good, indiscrete slings is OK. But EVERYONE who has skipped cleaning out 75' of tattered rope is guilty of not helping out.

    Extra webbing and rope is often left by beginners in place of hammering bolts into the canyon wall. Experienced canyoneers should except the responsiblity of cleaning out extra webbing and ropes as the price we pay to keep the canyons natural.

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