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Thread: Junior Climber

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    Junior Climber

    Just wanted to show off my junior climbing wall I built for my 3 year old. He is tiny for his age so can't really take him to adult climbing walls, so I built him an indoor removable climbing wall.
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    Pretty cool! And clever too. Never thought of building my own wall. I guess you can buy the pegs and just drill them into the wall?
    I wish my lawn was EMO so it would cut itself.

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    Revolution Jib Combo Climbing Holds - 40 Pack - $39.95

    8x4 plywood, a set of screws and some tubular insulation from HomeDepot - $35

    Seeing my kid reach the top in a spider man fashion - priceless :)

    It was a fun little project, I can take the wall up and down for protection and safety. I don't use any harnesses or ropes yet because my kid is still very light and I can catch him if he falls. At his last birthday party it was a huge hit with all the kids and my arms were VERY tired from spotting all the kids.

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    That is WAY cool! Thanks for the pictures...

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    do you have a crashpad at the bottom of it?

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    Sweeet! That's how old my nephew is. We've had him out on the rocks, caves and canyons this summer. Can't wait til my own kid gets here in November.

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    we've got a big maple tree in my backyard that has a ton of climbing holds on it for my little ones. LOL
    on a branch about 12 feet up i installed a bolt/rapide to top rope my little guys and allow them to get comfortable being in their harnesses.

    gotta start em' young

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