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Thread: Tent trailers - good or bad?

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    Tent trailers - good or bad?

    I'm thinking of upgrading from a tent to a tent trailer. I have a van that we won't be getting rid of anytime soon so the most I can pull is the smallest of tent trailers (2000 lb max). Does anyone have any insight into these things? I can't decide if I should splurge and get a new one or just go with a beat up used one. Another concern I have is the wear and tear I'll be putting on my tranny. The book says 2k is the max weight. A small tent trailer weighs in around 1.7k - 1.8k.
    Are they worth it???

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    I've been deciding the same factor. My Honda Element can only pull 1,500 lbs, so I was very limited on the choices. The one I looked at is the Fleetwood Element They are probably the lighest pop up trailers you'd find. You can find used ones for cheaper, the sale price when I went into the dealership was about $6k. There is a dealer in SLC on State and I believe about 3800 South.

    All my RV owning friends talking me out of the pop up trailers. They all tell me I will be selling it in a year or so. So undecided I am still trailerless and roughing it

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    I say get one! Your van would do fine towing it prob. They are great and such a snap to use. I would not buy a brand new one but not an old beater either. Something in the middle would be my preference...perhaps 2-5 years old in good shape. You can also mount a bike rack or some quick release brackets on the top for bikes.

    They are a huge step up from a tent and you can consider yourself rich camping snobs.

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    I was looking at a Starcraft 1701 model. It has everything except A/C. Ray Citte has them for $6700. The Starcraft was built pretty darn good.

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    I would not buy a brand new one but not an old beater either. Something in the middle would be my preference
    It's hard to find one right in the middle. And if you do find one, they tend to be pretty close to the same price as new. They seem to hold their value pretty well.

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    Yup, the starcrafts have been around forever. I heard that the Coleman trailers are really good too, but pricey. I really don't know much about the particulars though. They are damn cheap though and they do have everything now days....good hell. I have considered getting one several times. For me it is a matter of not being able to pull other toys once I have one. Right now it would be my motorcycle trailer. They are really light to tow and a breeze. I have borrowed them from family on several occasion's and towed them all over. Someone else on here might have more info...

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    accadacca, you could get a trailer with the "toy" storage. There are some that have a room with a ramp for ATVs, for the motorcycles you wouldn't need as big room as the ATVs. Just food for thought.

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    Here is a floor plan of the 1701 from the local dealer:

    Also, here is their pre-owned stock:

    1701 looks like exactly the one I was looking at, except I looked at Fleetwood instead of Starcraft, but the layout looks identical.

    Anothing thing you might want to do to save cash is to wait until fall/winter time when the prices and demand on these is going to go down and they will be dirt cheap.

    Keep in mind that these units do not come with a toilet, I was looking at one of these: to keep inside for the wife and the children.

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    Motorsportsland had 'em for $5995 but they are out of the '06 models. They won't get the '07s in for a few weeks and pricing hasn't been released yet.

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    I just drove by one one sale for $1400. It's a 1983 Jayco 806 model. If you are interested I can give you their phone number, looked in fairly good condition.

    This is the floor plan of the 806:

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    I just drove by one one sale for $1400. It's a 1983 Jayco 806 model. If you are interested I can give you their phone number, looked in fairly good condition.
    Thanks for the info... I think I'll pass. A tich older than what I was looking for.

    A really good place to look for used ones is They have a bunch of used ones for sale in the classifieds section. I just haven't been able to find one that quite matches what I want.

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