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Thread: **OLD** PVC Bike Rack

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    **OLD** PVC Bike Rack

    UPDATE - New design here:

    I got this idea from REDFOX. He made himself one for the back of his truck. He showed me a similar concept from the UMB page. Here is the image there:

    Mine is a little different though. I made it to fit my Toyota Tacoma's bed, and it holds 4 bikes. The measurements differ from the one on UMB's site, as I shortened the diagonal pieces to snug up to the tire closer. I also used 3/4" PVC Schedule 40, instead of 1". You can butt the joints closer together.

    I also made a slot specifically for 3" tires, and the others for 2-1/4" tires.

    I can post the measurements if anybody is interested. The parts cost me under $20. True, this is because I sell plumbing parts, but I can get you guys n gals a good discount if you would like my help. You may only be saving $5 though.
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    Right on, that's awesome. I'll probably make me one for my truck.

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    Sorry everybody. I forgot to post my measurements on this thing, and I was asked about it on the UMB forum.

    This is 3/4" PVC. Only the 1-1/2" pieces range in sizes, I made a slot to fit 3" tires, and another to fit 2.5" tires.

    Again, if anybody wants one, come see me, and I'll give you the "insider" discount on the PVC. (this means your new relationship with me will save you about 4 bucks. You've hit the big time)
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    Thanks for the goods, Beech!

    I just got done building this for my truck. I've got slots for six bikes and it fits like a glove. I'm thinking about building another one for the back of the bed on a lower angle for added stability (front and rear tires secured).

    I think it ran me about $5-$6 for the pipe, around $12 for the T's and elbows and another $4 for the glue. I know I probably could have gone without the glue, but I like it tight.

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    Yeah, I've got to build another one too for this wider truck.

    The rack has had some pipe cracked for about a year and a half, but it still holds the bike. It was cracked when I dropped it out of the truck, not because it's 1/2" pipe.

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    That looks way easier than fortycal's steel rack. Looks like I have a new weekend project.
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    Thanks for the info, Sombeech! I built one for my garage, but straight the bikes stuck out too far so I zig zagged it to put the bikes on an angle - works great now. I could have used two 135 degree elbows for the betweens, but 90 degree elbows (in the 10 pack) and a little more pipe were cheaper. I used 3/4" pipe.

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    Nice bike rack for the garage. My bike rack was built out of sch 80 1" pvc and it seems to serve its purpose in the garage. The kids keep their bikes in it.

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    Bump... Gotta make another one. This first one finally broke when I dropped it on the ground from the truck - it held up nicely from normal bike transport.

    Now that I've got a different truck, I'll make one with 5 slots, and I think I'll go with 1" PVC, and make them all 3" tire slots. I might even get on this tonight. It's between that and the gym.

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    New variation

    I really appreciate the post on the PVC pickup bike rack. It was easy to make. I added some options.
    By using 3.5" spacers for the tire slots, and adding swimming pool noodles it has a tighter fit on the tire.
    This next one will be finished in the morning. I used 1/2 " PVC, and prior to gluing inserted some 1" 3 way joints over the frame. These act as a hinge for a bar that will hole the top of the tire in place.

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