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Thread: Escalante Slots

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    Escalante Slots

    Just curious if anyone has been down to the scalant and could give a report on how wet it is down there. I am interested specifically in Neon and Chopslot. Anyone, Anyone?

    P.S - One year anniversary today of the tragedy a year ago. Grim reminder to be careful out there

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    Sorry, I didn't read that how I should.
    It's my job to call the BS around here. Get over it.

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    Everything we saw in that area (although we didn't get as high up the drainage as Chop and Neon) is full. Chop is more difficult when full, see the diagrams on .

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    Time to bump this one back up. Anybody been down there recently?

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    No info on what conditions are like, but if your making the effort to do Chop and Neon you might as well allot some time for Baker while you are down there (I wish I had known about it when I went down there, next time I'm in the area though ). I hear it's really nice (both forks). There is beta on the ACA's Canyon Database for the west fork, but for some reason I can't find a link to the database on anymore . Luckily Google can find anything, here is a link:


    This site has a better photo of the final rappel (they hiked to the drop from the river).


    P.S. Don't forget the wetsuit

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    The canyon database for the ACA is found here:

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    No info on what conditions are like, but if your making the effort to do Chop and Neon you might as well allot some time for Baker

    Take care, beware. East Baker is serious. Unlikely and challenging up climbs. Canyon pinches off to 4 inches in places. Several of both. Stemming 30+ feet off the ground. This is Wingate stemming, not Navajo. Straight walls with 90 degree angles and more slippery rock, when sandy, damp or wet. Wingate bells in lots of places and also forms tight door ways. One spot, with no easy anchors available, average and larger folks, must slide through a tiny opening, into a wide, 12 foot deep pothole, while on rappel or climb up on rap and shock your human anchor more than a bit (bracing spot available). Your last person should be under 130 lbs and willing to slide in through the hole blind and allow her/himself to be "fireman caught." Serious canyon. West B. is pretty casual, with a tight spot below the confluence of the 2 forks . Add at least 2 days to the trip to include the Baker's. We do it as a 4.5 day, 4 night overnight. next week in fact

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