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    Trip Report Index

    Just to bring your attention to this if you haven't seen it already. I've been keeping the TR index up to date for all of your trip reports. This index is categorized and is an invaluable resource if you're trying to find recent beta on a certain specific canyon. Keep posting your TRs, it's very helpful for all concerned, and its nice to read about other's experiences as well.

    I try and only categorize those TRs that are helpful and/or entertaining. (In other words, I won't categorize a TR that only says "Went and did _______ Canyon, it was fun").
    It's only "science" if it supports the narrative.

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    Re: Trip Report Index

    Oh yeah.... I forgot to tell you..... we went and did this really cool canyon Saturday and it was really hard, but it was really fun and really pretty. The weather was really nice...... My friend Ernie had a really good time. It was his first canyon. It was really hard to find cause we were using some really shitty route description. Next time I plan to use the route descriptions at because I hear their route descriptions are really, really, really good.....

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    [sounding like a know-it-all]
    One thing that I did in the Mtn biking section is once in a while make replies to the index so it would highlight it in red. Then after a while, delete the reply.
    [/sounding like a know-it-all]

    But your thread on the subject is a great idea also. I love those trip reports. Nice work.

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    If I want to highlight a topic again I just reply with the word "bump"

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