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Thread: Fire TR - Part II

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    Fire TR - Part II

    The boys are back in town...... and NO, that is not classic rock!

    Here we go......
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    For those seeking beta on these canyons here is the deal...

    These are not secret canyons or anything like that, the area is pretty well known. Its just that the place has a couple of unusual circumstance associated with it that makes providing a route description impossible.....

    The first problem is I have no clue how anyone could write a route description that would be meaningful and followed by someone new to the area. Reaching the canyons involves traversing a maze like no other.

    Second problem is the area is considered environmentally sensitive, and those in power have threatened to close it off to general public access if things are not kept pristine.

    So here is the deal.... if you want to visit this area your best bet it to invite along a partner who has already been and is somewhat familiar with the area. Because of the nature of the area the only way I know of to share these canyons is "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours". In other words..... ask one of your friends who has been there to show you around, if that doesn't work invite me along and I'll show you what I know.

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