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Thread: Radios & Jeeps

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    Radios & Jeeps

    Anyone have good/bad/crazy experiences installing radio gear in a CJ?

    I'm an amatuer radio guy and I do a lot of ARES (Amatuer Radio Emergency Service) work. Since my new vehicle is going to be a CJ I'm looking at options to install radios without killing the electrical and without having them out in the weather.

    Points of special interst on this CJ:
    - Looks like the standard alternator - will probably upgrade it.
    - Has an Optima - Will high draw do bad things to it?
    - Radios will be in the tuff box, just control heads on the dash.

    Any advice and stories welcome.


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    I have a littel expierence with Cj's and radios, not amatuer radio but with cd players and Car audio. I had an 84 cj 7 and if i had to do it again, I would mount every thing in Tuff boxs or some other type of location. I would not mount anything in the dash. From the expierence I had with the jeep is that is that when every it rained the dash always leaked no matter what I did (ruined 4 cd players). that is my 2 cents about the subject.
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    Thanks, I was toying with the idea of soft-mounting the control heads (velcro) so I could drop 'em in the Tuff Box when I wasn't using them. I had shelved this as probably not worth the effort but if the dash is prone to leakage then I will plan for it.

    Good data to have!

    "Think where man's glory begins and ends and say that my glory was that I had such friends." - Yeats

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