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Thread: Overnight camping temperatures in Utah/Colorado

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    Overnight camping temperatures in Utah/Colorado


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    Your post came across as HTML mumbo jumbo

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    Fixed it


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    That fixed it.

    There's something wrong with you, though. -20? Screw that dung!

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    Holy crap, that's cold! You should try Peter Sinks up in Logan Canyon near the Bear Lake Summit. It's supposed to be one of the coldest places in the lower 48. -52 was the recorded temp the other day. I wonder what that even feels like.

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    Feels like


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    The coldest I have ever backpacked in was ZERO. But that was in Michigan.

    Here are a couple of my favorite cold weather camping tips:

    1. Down booties. These are invaluable for the next morning, I discovered. Getting up and putting your feet into freezing boots is crazy. Keep your booties toasty and wear them around camp while your breaking it down, put your boots on just before you take up - while walking they will warm up quicker.

    2. Snickers bars. Eat a mini snickers every time you wake up in the night. This will keep your metabolism going and keep you warmer.

    3. A small rectangular piece of foam pad cut the size of your butt. Great for sitting on while cooking, etc. Packs real well.

    There are others, but these I've found to be invaluable.
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