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Thread: First Ice of the Season

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    First Ice of the Season

    Got to do a quick trip to a local Utah County climb. I haven't gotten the pictures from the guy with the camera yet. But as soon as he gets them to me, I'll post some.

    It was nice to get out for a few hours and take a break from studying. The route we did had flowing water still, but we climbed frozen right side of the falls. So it was a bit chilly with water spraying us while climbing. We were all covered in a thin layer of ice before we finished. A good test for some of my new softshell gear (which worked great by the way).

    Hopefully I'll have the pics soon.


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    I haven't gotten the pics yet. But here's a pic from a year or so ago. We climbed the frozen right side.

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    I have been waiting to see these.

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    And we are still waiting.....

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    Yeah me too. I didn't have my camera. So I'm waiting for Gutz to upload them for me. Wonder if he knows how to....

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    Ah, I complained to soon. He emailed them too me, rather than uploading them to my site. Here we go...

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    I'm getting my wife her new boots tonight. If we go back up climbing saturday, do you want to come? It'll be pretty mellow since my wife is coming.

    Maybe you could even bring Stormy (that's your oldest, right?). What size of foot would you say she has?

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    Yeah.... I'm in if you want to go Saturday. And yes, Stormy would love it. She wants to try ice climbing really bad. Not sure of the foot size but I'll find out. We can make something work.


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    The smalles size we have is probably about a women's 5.5 or 6.
    Then we have my wife's old scarpas that are a men's 5.5 (if I remember right).

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    Your smallest women's will probably work. Her football cheats were a mens 4 if I remember and that was 6 months ago.

    Can also add a couple thick socks to work something else out....

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    Let me know if you want to go. Stormy and I can go. You can call the house if thats easier. 572-9362


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    Looks like I'm taking my nephew snowshoeing in the morning but should be back around noon. Would that be alright with you if we started that late?

    The approach is really short. It's in PG, and with 4wheel drive it's about a 5 min hike. W/O 4 wheel it's about 15 min approach. We can probably be on the ice around 1 giving us a good 3+ hours before dark.

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    Sounds good to me. Just tell me where and when to meet.

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    Lemme call you when we're heading down from snowshoeing. That should be around 11 or 11:30. We're going to grab some fast food for lunch before heading up to climb, so we could meet whereever we eat. Do you have a cell phone I should call, or want me to call your home number?

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    Just call the house.... give me time to get ready.

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    Jeff, also send me your phone number in case I need to call or somethin'. Stormy is exicted, she has had her eye on ice for a long time.

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