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Thread: Fall Colors

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    Fall Colors

    Well, I'm a little disappointed in myself AGAIN. Every year, I always manage to be about a week late to catch the best fall colors. I try to make it up Logan Canyon on the right weekend, but I'm too busy.

    I'll see them showing photos on the news showing the fall colors, and I'm like "Crap, I hope I'm not too late again".

    Well, I took my chances, and headed up Sardine Canyon, and Logan Canyon. I could see that I was a little too late, but I could still salvage some color. A lot of the trees were already missing their leaves, and for some reason it was hazy in the canyons.

    My photos aren't crystal clear, because of the mystery haze, but here's all I have to offer.

    Hopefully somebody else out there got out a little earlier than I did, and can add their photos to this post.
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    I drove the Huntington and Eccles Canyons Scenic Byway today, and it was pretty nice up there. These photos aren't all of fall colors, but this is what you'll see this time of year on the byway near sunset:
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    WOW!! NICE!! I think the Wasatch Plateau is by far the best Autumn scenic drive in the state. Your pictures are proof of that. I had an internship with the State of Utah DOGM - hiking around on surface lands above coal mine properties in the Wasatch plateau and Book Cliffs for two years. I fell in love with that part of the State. It's very beautiful, and not very well travelled (except during the hunt ).

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    manYou are making me home sick....
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    Nice pictures guys.....

    I have been too lazy lately. I need to get out!!!

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    Excellent pictures. I like the sunsets.
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    Great pictures Udink! Those are pretty cool.

    Anybody got anymore scenic pics?

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    Here's some pics I took last week-end. I am way mad because my digital is in the shop with the part back ordered...they say 4-5 weeks before I get it back
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    Let's Roll

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    Wow, those are some red leaves. Where's "Tanner"?

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    Tanner's Flat is about 4 miles up LCC.
    Let's Roll

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    Big Cottonwood is way pretty too right about now, sorry i don't have any pics of it.
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