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Thread: I want to sell bikes!!

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    I want to sell bikes!!

    OK, basically a copy from my post in the Classifieds section:

    I am graduating this next semester in Sales and Service Technology.

    I just don't feel that selling toilets was my calling in life. I have built a resume, and I'm looking at a job as a Sales Rep.

    Not any Sales Rep, I am looking into selling the things I love. The first area I will look is in Bicycle sales. I want to work for any of the manufacturers, big or small.

    So, what I'm asking is, does anybody know any bicycle sales reps that frequent the bike shops? I would love to get in touch with them and ask if they have any openings or suggestions about getting into the field. And, does anybody have any suggestions on where I should look?

    I'm ready to put my degree to some use. Just PM me if anybody needs my cell phone number. Thanks guys.

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    Talking to reps about rep openings (probably) wouldn't be the way to go. One way to go would be to contact all the manufacturers of the products you know and believe in and see if they have a rep in your area. Remember, though, that EVERYBODY wants to rep the good shit, so be patient and persistant.

    Also, talk to the managers of the Bike-Shops you frequent and ask what THEY think makes a GOOD rep. A rep who rates highly with the man placing orders GETS the orders.

    Making a living as an outside rep is TOUGH, but you will get to go to all the good riding areas in your territory regularly. Be familliar with budgeting, 'cause a lot of reps get paid QUARTERLY (like every 3 months), and that sucks for the spontaneous spender.

    Good luck!
    SCREW SEA OTTER!!!!!!!

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    'Bigger is better' applies to bicycle sales $$$ as well. Having just gotten back from Interbike I noticed the $ is definitely in the big name brand stuff but don't be surprised if it takes a while to get to the $ yourself. I had sort of the same thought but wanted to be my own I opened my own shop...Greyhair Bike Repair, Green River Wy.

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    I almost forgot...downhill & freeride are BIG MONEY! & riders are willing to pay almost anything for what they want. You won't lose in that specific of a market

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    Thanks man. BTW, welcome to the site!

    Looks like you have a cool web site yourself.

    Yeah, I realized that it could be a tough market to get into. I'll keep looking into it, but in the meantime I'll keep pluggin' along.

    Those downhillers are nuts with their bikes. I agree they'll pay almost anything, so that may be the market I should look into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyhair biker
    I opened my own shop...Greyhair Bike Repair, Green River Wy.
    SWEET!! Another shop to check-out! See ya next Spring.

    Don't forget about road stuff! Sure, a $600 fork is a nice sale, but a $6000 roadbike is just upper mid-range for the Doctor/Lawyer/Drugdealer market. I LOVE MY JOB!!

    SCREW SEA OTTER!!!!!!!

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