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Thread: Two rednecks get trapped on a mountain

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    Two rednecks get trapped on a mountain


    They thought the whole thing was funny. Lessons learned? If your a punk redneck with no clue, then don't go mountain climbing by yourself. With a last name of Erp. What can you really expect. They said that they hid under a rock. I would have done the same thing, if I had acted like a jackass. They said had their lighters going. Might as well smoke some weed while where trapped. We will go down happy.

    Hilarious video!!!

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    Hey, I'm having trouble opening this. It might be the server at work. Can you download this, save it, and e-mail it to me?

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    I am afraid it is probably your setup. I cant download it, or dont know how. Here is the page it is from.
    Try it there. Scroll down on the page, it was on May 7th.

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    Your link is now a Crest commercial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamisJockey
    Your link is now a Crest commercial.
    The clip plays after the commercial.

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