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Thread: The Great Bolt Debate

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    The Great Bolt Debate

    No canyoneering forum is complete without an open and sometimes heated debate over rockbolts! Canyoneering is a sport that is becoming more and more popular these days. As with every sport, canyoneering requires a certain set of skills and techniques that enable the participant to safely navigate through a canyon. The placement of rockbolts is appropriate -- WHERE NEEDED. Unfortunately, bolts seem to be springing up all over the place, needed or not. Why haul around a heavy drill in your backpack, if it could be avoided by learning a few simple techniques? Our latest trip through Dang canyon provides a classic case of unnecessary bolt placement.

    Remember: SKILLS NOT DRILLS!!!!!!!!

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    I was there with the crew this weekend and I am just getting into the sport. It is really a shame that others have to ruin it for everyone.

    I can only imagine what the Canyoneering community would think.

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    Bolts are for those with no skills and no imagination.... hahaha....

    I don't use bolts!!! I stand up to pee....

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    So, do people really pack a drill on their backs?

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    Ya, crazy huh? There's another 5 pounds in your pack to lug around.

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    Cross-posted from my Medieval Chamber thread... seemed to fit better here. See that thread for a picture of the ultimate rockbolting machine... the dreaded Hilti.

    Those who are anti-bolt aren't the extremists in Utah canyoneering, they're actually pretty much the norm, and lets keep it that way. I've seen the light, and canyoneering can be done without bolts and actually adds a whole new interesting element and challenge to it. Personally, I'm not opposed to using existing bolts, but 95% of those who are out there exploring new canyons and providing the beta to us are doing so without bolts and are sharing the information with the intent that we don't bolt them. Some do it for environmental reasons, but if you don't buy that (which i don't really), do it out of respect for guys like Steve Allen, Tom Jones, and Shane who put alot of time into providing route information and are actively promoting canyoneering without bolts. For those of you that don't get it, there are lots of canyons in Zion and the Swell that have plenty of bolts to keep you occupied, the point is not to bolt new canyons.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rockgremlin
    Ya, crazy huh? There's another 5 pounds in your pack to lug around.
    Do you rock nuts think anyone would care if I was packing one of these on our next trip???

    Oh yeah and I would need a damn long run of compressor hose.

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